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By Katie, 9:43 pm

Thanks for your interest in writing a guest blog post for Health for the Whole Self!

To contribute, please follow the submission guidelines outlined below.

Basic Requirements: Your Guest Post Should…

…be original content, not previously published anywhere else.

…fit within the preferred subjects and topics listed below.

…be sent as a Microsoft Word attachment or typed into the body of an e-mail. (Send your post to katie@healthforthewholeself.com)

Preferred Subjects and Topics

- Body Image and Self-Esteem (ex: tips and strategies for improving body image, commentary on portrayals of bodies in the media, your personal journey toward a better body image)

- Intuitive Eating/Overcoming Emotional Eating (ex: ditching the diet mentality, facing the daily challenges of intuitive eating, managing emotions without using food, your personal journey with intuitive eating)

- General Inspiration (ex: mind/body connections, striving for balance, spirituality, general self-reflection)


- Write your guest post in a personal tone, one that reflects your unique voice.

- If relevant, include an image or video. Send the original source for proper attribution.

- Strive to open up a dialogue, inviting readers to contribute to the conversation.

- If helpful, include subheadings and/or bullet points.

- Edit and proofread your post before submitting.

- Where appropriate, include links to third-party sources you reference.

Your Byline

It’s important to me that your guest post be properly attributed to you. To make that happen, please include a sentence or two describing yourself and what you do, and feel free to include a link to your own website if you have one.

Thanks for being part of the Health for the Whole Self community!

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