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The Old and the New

By Katie, 4:23 pm

I feel like I go through eating phases, alternating between periods of novelty and downright ruts. I’ll have weeks where every dinner is a new recipe, every snack some clever concoction. And then suddenly I’ll grow tired of the effort and start eating the same thing day in and day out.

Lately, however, I’ve had more success with striking a balance, with enjoying old favorites while also sprinkling in some newbies. Here is the visual proof. ;-)

The New

Broccoli topped with Heather’s Marinutta Sauce (pasta sauce mixed with peanut butter and ground flax).

After this and the nut butter crusted parsnip fries, I’m starting to think there is nothing that doesn’t go with peanut/almond butter!

KABOCHA SQUASH!!! I’ve loved butternut, buttercup, and acorn squash for quite some time, but had never tried the elusive kachocha…until now!

Sliced and roasted with some agave nectar, it did not disappoint! ;-)

Fruition ProBar in Cran-Raspberry. This was yummy!  The texture/consistency was similar to that of a LARABAR, except with more ingredients and fewer calories. I’d purchase again!

And a new (to me) cereal!

I purchased a few new cereals in the hopes of finding one that is simultaneously tasty, filling, and as natural as possible. I’d say that Kashi Autumn Wheat pretty much fits the bill. The ingredients are just wholegrain wheat, evaporated cane juice, and natural flavors, and there are only 7 grams of sugar per serving (which is actually quite low for a cold cereal!).

I ate it from a pretty bowl with banana, strawberries, and almond milk.

The Old

After a brief hiatus, I’ve brought cottage cheese back into my life.

Plopped atop strawberries and mango chunks.

I’ve also reunited with the beloved Breakfast Cookie!

In the evening I mixed together 1/3 cup oats, 1/2 mashed banana, 1 tbsp almond butter, a small splash of almond milk, lots of cinnamon, and a couple of dried cherries. Spread it out on the plate, popped it in the fridge, and ate it up the next morning!

Next time I’ll chop up the dried cherries…they’re so good but so darn big! 8-O

Classic snack: dried fruit (cherries again) with roasted almonds.

And a tried-and-true dessert: a chocolate VitaTop with a splash of milk and banana slices. SOOOOOO GOOD!

And finally, a lovely combination of old and new: the kitties in their NEW cat beds! :-D

Do you go through eating phases? Ever find yourself in a food rut? What’s something new you’ve tried recently? Or something new you’re excited to try?

What I Ate – 2/8/2010

By Katie, 8:58 pm

Hello, everyone! I hope your work week got off to a good start! :-D

My day was pretty routine, but some yummy eats were definitely involved. Let’s have a look, shall we?


Breakfast had a lovely purple tint to it!

Cottage cheese mixed with blueberry preserves, enjoyed atop two slices of whole wheat toast. I know some people think of cottage cheese as a “diet food,” but I think of it more as an amazing food! It’s an awesome source of protein and calcium, and I think it tastes delicious on its own or with any number of fun mix-ins!

Along with some (too tart) blackberries. Can’t wait for fresh, local berries!

Mid-Morning Snack

After breakfast I hit up the Y for my run: 3.5 miles of speed intervals. Can’t wait to enjoy the gorgeous weather on my long run tomorrow! 8-) It’ll be my first time doing 6 miles! (Well, actually, I’ve probably run 6 miles before, but I didn’t know it because I was making an effort to go by minutes, not miles.) After my workout I came home and had a quick snack.

A small kiwi.

And a handful of roasted almonds.

Then I headed to the grocery store. Per my Food Budget Rules, my goal was not to deviate from my shopping list. While waiting in the checkout line I snapped a photo of my cart. (Yep, that got me some odd looks!  ;-) )

Verdict: Not perfect, but not bad! I only made one purchase that wasn’t on my list: medjool dates. I’ve seen them mentioned on several blogs lately, which made me realize I’ve only ever had the little chopped dates. I was intrigued by the medjools and just couldn’t pass them up!


Lunch came in the form of side-by-side bowls.

The star of the show was the one on the right, which contained Sweet Potato-Black Bean Quesadilla wedges. I can’t get enough of the sweet potato-black bean combo!

Served on top of greens with a dollop of plain Greek yogurt.

Along with another bowl of greens, topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and more black beans.

My intention was actually to eat all of this together, but I quickly found that my bowls were all too small. :-( Oh, well.

And of course, I had to try one of the medjool dates. I took one bite and literally said out loud (to myself, mind you), “This tastes like CANDY!” 8-O

You better believe I had a second one. ;-)

Afternoon Snacks

I had a rather snacky afternoon! Looking back, I don’t think my lunch had enough bulk to it…my body just kept telling me to eat more! So I obliged. :-)

First I took an idea from Meghann (also known as the Queen of Adding Almond Butter to Everything ;-) ): a fruit leather-almond butter sandwich.

I just separated the fruit leather and smothered some almond butter in between. It was tasty!

Next up, some peanut butter pretzels.

And finally, a Kashi bar. Whew! Like I said, a snacky afternoon. But I truly feel I ate it all out of genuine, physical hunger.


Dave got home from work a little early, so I asked if he wanted to join me for a little strength training…and he said yes! :-D I love having a strength training buddy! We did an upper body circuit and then some core work.

Afterward I worked up what ended up being a spectacular dinner! I honestly didn’t think this was going to be anything special; I decided to make it just because it was quick and used up several ingredients I already had in the house. So I was pleasantly surprised when both of us “yummed” through the whole meal!

I basically adapted this Real Simple recipe for Shrimp with Roasted Red Peppers and Feta. First I combined the rest of our pre-cooked frozen shrimp (10 oz. maybe?) with roasted red pepper strips, 2 roughly chopped cloves of garlic, some chopped scallions, a touch of EVOO, sea salt, and pepper.

Then I divided the mixture into two individual baking dishes and topped them with some feta cheese.

Baked at 400* for 20 minutes. Yep, it was that easy!

I didn’t even fully thaw the shrimp, which I thought was going to mess everything up…until we got to the bottom of our dishes and found this wonderfully flavorful broth that we both proceeded to drink straight from the bowl! (Our children are going to have terrible table manners. ;-) )

An unexpected success! :-D

Evening Snack

I soothed my sweet tooth with one of the Oikos “dessert” Greek yogurt cups. I’ve seen other bloggers trying out the caramel flavor, but I’m not a huge caramel kind-of-gal. I opted to try the chocolate instead.

On top I had some of Trader Joe’s “Cat Cookies for People.” It just seemed right after seeing the Cheshire Cat in “Alice in Wonderland” last night. :-D

I really liked the yogurt! The chocolate had the same sort of taste as with Stonyfield’s Chocolate Underground flavor of regular yogurt, just with the thick creaminess of Greek-style!

The TRUTH Revealed!

I loved reading your guesses to my “Six Lies and a Truth” game! Here’s the real deal:

1. As a child I refused to let a vegetable pass my lips. LIE! I was almost freakishly good at eating my veggies as a kid.

2. The reason I obsess over my cats is because my mom hates animals; she never let us have any pets. LIE! My mom is the biggest animal-lover I know.

3. As a young child I was slightly pigeon-toed and needed to wear special corrective shoes. TRUTH! My mom called them my “special shoes” so I wouldn’t feel so embarrassed. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just told the whole world about my special shoes! :lol:

4. My brother used to sing in an Acappella group. LIE! That would never, ever happen. :roll: My high school boyfriend did, though, and they were actually pretty good!

5. My childhood nick-name was Sweet Pea. LIE! My childhood nick-name was Tater Tot!

6. I’m a total dare-devil; my dream is to one day go sky-diving! LIE! I appreciate how many of you guessed that I’m the adventurous type! But alas, I am not…at least not when it comes to jumping out of planes!

7. I played goalie for my high school field hockey team. LIE! I was a forward…left wing, to be exact. :-)

Your turn!

Are you a cottage cheese lover or a hater? If you’re a lover, what’s your favorite way to eat it? I’m probably going to try every way you suggest!


Do you ever have “snack-y” days, where you just feel like you need to keep eating little bites here and there?

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