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What I Ate – 3/1/2010

By Katie, 3:03 pm

It’s officially MARCH! I hope your first day of the month was spectacular!

I am very excited for March for several reasons: it should soon start getting warmer, Daylight Savings Time means more hours of light, and I’ll be attending two exciting weekend events – a Christian women’s conference and Fitbloggin’ 2010! (In my hometown, no less!) Can’t wait! :-D

Oh, and I really enjoyed reading your comments to my “Hungry Enough to Eat an Apple?” post. You all have some great ideas! :-)

Onto the food!


In honor of the month of St. Patrick’s Day , breakfast was GREEN!

I’m calling this my Tropical Green Monster. Again I ate it out of a bowl. When I have a green smoothie as a snack I drink it from a glass, but for some reason the idea of drinking a meal does not appeal to me.

Into the blender went:

  • 2 packed cups of spinach
  • 1 cup skim milk
  • big handful of frozen mango chunks
  • big handful of frozen pineapple chunks
  • topped with Cascadian Farms Oats & Honey granola

My Irish husband was proud. :mrgreen:  (Although he himself won’t touch Green Monsters! :-( )

Mid-Morning Snack

After breakfast I checked a few tasks off of my to-do list, then did my exercise for the day: a 3.5 mile run – complete with hill intervals – followed by some upper body weights and core work. Hills are the bane of my running existence, and yet I force myself to do hill workouts anyway. Conquering the incline makes me feel STRONG! :-)

After my workout I grabbed a quick snack before heading out on a bunch of errands. A piece of whole wheat toast slathered with almond butter and topped with pear slices. (I also ate the remainder of the pear.) Fresh pears + almond butter  = delicious!


Lunch was, I must say, pretty darn fabulous – all thanks to the lovely Danica from Danica’s Daily. She gave me the idea for this lunch, and it was a total winner!

Awhile ago I made a big batch of Real Simple’s Turkey and Bean Chili and froze a serving or two to enjoy another day. That day was today!

This chili recipe is great – very thick and hearty, just like chili should be! I topped it with some reduced-fat Mexican cheese blend.

But this is what made my bowl extra special:

That would be a dollop of sweet potato puree! Thank you, Danica, for this wonderful idea! I’ve actually made chili using canned pumpkin before, so as soon as I saw her add sweet potato I knew I would love it. I had a little bit with each bite. YUM!

This was a pretty hearty lunch, and yet after I finished my bowl I didn’t feel quite satisfied. (I was probably about a #5 on my hunger scale, and felt like I wanted to be closer to a #6-7.) Hunger can be unpredictable like that! So I rounded out my meal with this little guy. Then I was perfectly satisfied! :-D

Afternoon Snack

There is just something special about fresh, locally-grown carrots. Especially ones that look like this.

We bought a couple of mammoth homegrown carrots at the market on Saturday. The woman tending the stand said, “they aren’t pretty but they sure do taste good!” She was right! :-)

Being goofy. :roll:

(Actually just wanted to show off the beautiful daffodils Dave brought me yesterday…aren’t they beautiful? They make me think of our wedding, which had a green and yellow color scheme. Love ya, hubby!)

I had the carrot with a glob of Trader Joe’s Three Layer Hummus.

And a bunch of grapes.


Dinner took me a lot longer to put together than expected, but the finished product was good!

I made Apricot Pork Chops, and for some reason they took a lot longer to cook through than I thought they would. I followed this recipe from Branny Boils Over. (Everything I have made from her blog so far has been a success!) The only change I made was to double the amount of apricot preserves because I thought the soy sauce flavor was a bit overwhelming.

Dave and I both took one bite and went “YUM!”

On the side I had a double serving of veggies – asparagus and mushrooms roasted in EVOO, balsamic vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. The little bit of balsamic adds such a great flavor!

This dinner was actually really filling!

Evening Snack

Earlier in the day I decided I wanted a brownie for dessert tonight, but dinner kept me so full that when it came to my usual snack time a brownie just didn’t sound appealing. (Crazy, I know!) But I still wanted something…just something a bit lighter. I went with a yogurt bowl.

A small serving of vanilla Greek yogurt topped with grapes and a crumbled Kashi pumpkin spice flax granola bar.

Time to climb into bed with my book…my book club meets in two weeks and I just started the book last night! Better get reading! :-)

How do you consume your Green Monsters (or other smoothies)? From a glass or from a bowl?

Also, anyone else going to the Fitbloggin’ conference in a few weeks? I’d love to touch base with you!

What I Ate – 1/25/2010

By Katie, 8:05 pm

I hope you had a good Monday yesterday! Mine was quite delicious. :-D


Like many of you, yesterday I awoke to dreary rain and wind. Yuck. I felt the need to combat the weather with something sunny and yummy, say, EGGS!

While I would have preferred something really cheery – perhaps sunny side up? – Dave and I were a bit rushed. So I went with an egg white and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat English muffin, which hit the spot.

Plus some fresh fruit.

Mid-Morning Snack

After breakfast I headed to the YMCA for 30 minutes of speed intervals on the treadmill, which actually went really well considering I had an entire egg sandwich in my stomach! After exercising and getting ready for the day, I headed out to run some errands. I packed a small snack to take along for a very important reason: one of my errands was grocery shopping. And the # 1 rule of grocery shopping is this: don’t do it hungry! It’s bad for your waistline and it’s bad for your budget.

So before I went into Trader Joe’s, I had a few raw almonds and some dried apricots.


My kitchen is currently overflowing with fresh produce that is crying out to be enjoyed. So for lunch I did one of my favorite things: raided the refrigerator, grabbing everything that looked appealing and throwing it together in a bowl.

Contents of the salad bowl:

  • Boston lettuce
  • Pan-fried tofu
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Orange slices
  • Plum
  • Crumbled feta
  • Drizzle of seasoned rice vinegar
  • Handful of Kashi crackers (toasted asiago flavor – yum!)

I never worry if the contents of my mega salads don’t exactly “go” together, and somehow it always ends up tasting good!

I also had a few slices of roasted buttercup squash (leftovers from the previous night’s dinner). This was my first time trying buttercup squash, and I really like it! I have yet to find a winter squash (or summer, for that matter) that I haven’t liked. (I’m eager to try a Kabocha, but I can’t find one!)

Very satisfying lunch!

Mid-Afternoon Snack

Well, this was actually more like an early evening snack. Before I started cooking dinner I munched on some whole wheat pita bread wedges dipped in roasted red pepper hummus. This is because of another very important rule: don’t cook when hungry! Cooking on an empty stomach = so many “taste tests” that you’re not even hungry for dinner when it’s ready!


Dinner was divine! I followed this Real Simple recipe for Turkey and Bean Chili, with a few changes. I planned on using ground turkey, but then I found local ground beef on sale at the farmers’ market (from Woolsey Farm in Churchville, MD). So I went with that instead. I also doubled the recipe because I knew it would make great leftovers for the week, and I also wanted to freeze some. Not to mention making a giant pot of chili is just FUN! :-D

This meal was SO GOOD!

Big bowl of chili topped with avocado, plain Greek yogurt (tastes just like sour cream!), and corn bread (not homemade – don’t judge!).

Dave and I were literally saying “Mmmmmmmm” as we ate.

I mean, I hated it, obviously. ;-)

Evening Snack

Dessert was one of my new obsessions. If it doesn’t look appealing to you, blame my lousy photography skills (or, more accurately, the fact that my photos are coming from my cell phone).

After dinner I melted some dark chocolate, dipped the banana into it, and popped it in the freezer for an hour or so until the chocolate formed a hard shell. A perfect little treat!

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate-covered fruit? Bananas, strawberries, oranges – so many possibilities! :-)

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