Category: Overcoming Emotional Eating

The Fine Line Between Accountability and Shaming

By Katie, 5:13 am

Hypothetical situation: a young woman is struggling with her weight. So she takes the first step and tells someone else about it; let’s say her mom. In a genuine attempt to be helpful, her mom begins weighing her daughter weekly, dishing out rewards based on the results. The mom is trying to be motivating. She is trying to create some [...]

The First Step: Tell Someone

By Katie, 5:16 am

We’re officially in the thick of 2011, even if you’re still accidentally writing 2010 all over the place. Because it’s this time of year, everyone’s talking about making changes – resolutions, intentions, words of the year, etc. Which is all fine and good if your particular struggle is one that you feel comfortable expressing openly [...]

Distinguishing Emotional and Physical Hunger

By Katie, 5:51 am

If you’ve never struggled with any kind of eating issue, you may think the title of this post is downright silly. You may think I’m wasting my time dissecting something as simple and straightforward as hunger. You may accuse me of over-thinking the issue, a charge with which I am all too familiar. Yet if [...]

Lessons in Being Supportive: An Interview with My Husband

By Katie, 5:16 am

If you want to tell someone (your partner, your friend, your mom, etc.) about your struggles with food/weight, but you’re scared of what they might think, then this post is for you. If you have people supporting you, but sometimes they struggle to do so effectively, then this post is for you. If your loved one is [...]

Most Days: A Poem

By Katie, 5:35 am

Some days I think about calories. Some days I eat in front of the refrigerator and don’t bother to pull up a chair. Some days I feel the burning sensation of tears forming behind my eyes and immediately change my mental subject, instead of sitting with it exploring it meditating on it or journaling about [...]

Perfectionism and Binge Eating: Three Connections

By Katie, 5:18 am

If you saw my dining room table right now, you might not think I’m much of a perfectionist. And when it comes to keeping a tidy, clutter-free house, I’m not. But in certain areas of my life, I do hold myself to a ridiculously high standard. Case in point: I went through 4 years of [...]

What I Mean By “Disordered Eating”

By Katie, 5:51 am

I spent the majority of my two years in graduate school writing research papers – short ones, long ones, awesome ones, not-so-awesome ones. And each and every time I was given a research paper assignment, it was accompanied by this simple instruction: be sure to clearly define your terms. Oops… Defining your terms is important [...]

Forgive and Forget: Three Steps for Moving On After a Binge

By Katie, 5:45 am

Sometimes it just happens. Maybe I’m exhausted after a long, stressful day at work. Maybe I just received some terribly upsetting news about a close friend or family member. Perhaps I just spent hours fighting off some anxiety about an upcoming social event. But for whatever reason, sometimes it just…happens. I bolt. I emotionally check [...]

Never Back at the Beginning: Handling a Healthy Living Relapse

By Katie, 5:19 am

The term “relapse” is often reserved for people suffering from addictions or disorders, but the truth is that most of us have experienced some kind of relapse at one point or another. With the best of intentions we choose some healthy living goal – to heal our relationship with food, to start a running routine, [...]

Too Much Food for Thought

By Katie, 5:13 am

For a long time I thought that the way I acted around food – counting every calorie, meticulously weighing/measuring every morsel, planning my meals hours, days, or weeks in advance – was totally normal. I didn’t realize I even had an issue until I stumbled across a random list of disordered eating symptoms, one of which was [...]

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