Category: Overcoming Emotional Eating

The Numbers Game: How I Stopped Counting Calories

By Katie, 5:11 am

100, 2000, 180, 440, 70. I used to be quite an expert on calorie counts. I knew the breakdowns for every single food I ate regularly, and for those I didn’t I was pretty good at estimating. I kept track of them on yellow post-it notes. You could say that I was obsessed with counting [...]

Taking Action Tuesday: Worst Case Scenario

By Katie, 5:14 am

A few years ago, I was feeling incredibly anxious about an upcoming dentist appointment. I had brought the turmoil on myself; it had been five years since I’d been to the dentist. I do not recommend this. In the week leading up to the appointment, I felt a sense of panic every time I thought [...]

Three Steps for Managing Nighttime Emotional Eating

By Katie, 6:13 am

I am such a creature of habit. Every day I wake up at the same time. Every day I wear my hair the same way. And every night, around 8:30 p.m., I have an evening snack. (Source) Most of these routines are harmless. Sure, some aspects of my life – and my hairstyle! - would be more [...]

Why I’m Not a Vegetarian

By Katie, 6:09 am

In order to understand why I’m not a vegetarian, you first need to know that I used to be one. For about two and a half years in college, I was meat-free. And yet yesterday I enjoyed a turkey sandwich for lunch. What gives? (Source) Here’s what it boils down to. If you had asked [...]

When It Comes To Nutrition, Who Do You Trust?

By Katie, 5:37 am

Trusting our bodies for proper nutrition can be pretty darn scary. I used to be terrified that, left to its own devises, my body would never crave a single vegetable and I’d be left with serious nutritional deficiencies. I’m happy to say that so far that hasn’t happened.  (Source) In my mind, the true question [...]

Set Point: Your Body’s Take on Weight

By Katie, 5:04 am

Fact: I used to really want to be a size “blank.” Like really really. It didn’t matter to me that my original weight was perfectly healthy. It didn’t matter that it was easy to maintain. I still wanted to be thinner. I would do everything in my power to reach that smaller size – restrict [...]

Re-Thinking Our Basic Needs

By Katie, 5:24 am

What are the basic needs of the human race? Food, water, clothing, and shelter, right? Isn’t that what they taught us in elementary school? (Source) When I went to hear Evelyn Tribole speak about her ground-breaking book Intuitive Eating, she mentioned that it’s really difficult to have a stable relationship with food if our basic [...]

Projections of the All-or-Nothing Food Attitude

By Katie, 5:28 am

As I’ve shared before, sometimes I struggle with all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to my food choices, and it’s pretty frustrating. It’s equally frustrating when other people project that all-or-nothing attitude onto me. I bet First Lady Michelle Obama can commiserate. (Source) You’re probably aware that Mrs. Obama has been stepping up efforts to make [...]

Reality Check! Ten Common Cognitive Distortions

By Katie, 5:20 am

My journey to improve my relationship with food and my body has helped me realize that some of the stuff my brain cooks up is downright outrageous. I’m talking about the part of my brain that decides I shouldn’t go to that party because my jeans are too tight, or that I have to go to [...]

You Don’t Need an Excuse to Eat!

By Katie, 5:27 am

“I ran an extra mile on the treadmill today.” “I’ve had a really stressful day at work.” Or my personal favorite: “I’ve been good all week!” Those of us who have a rocky relationship with food often find ourselves coming up with excuses or justifications for our eating habits. We feel like we have to rationalize eating. [...]

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