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The 7 Link Challenge

By Katie, 5:48 am

You know how summer is a very popular season for wedding anniversaries? Well, apparently it’s popular for blog anniversaries too! Over the past two weeks or so I’ve congratulated many of my fellow healthy living bloggers on their success and impact as they celebrate being a part of this online community for 6 months, 1 [...]

The Dreaded Brain Freeze! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 5:28 am

Looking for some lazy-Sunday-morning reading? Check out these interesting links, ranging from ice cream to sneak-eating to blogging tips. Enjoy! Brain Freeze: The Science Behind Ice Cream Headaches Perhaps you are not yet aware that today is National Ice Cream Day. (In which case you must either live under a rock or you’re not nearly [...]

Eating Flowers and Tapeworms? And Other Hot Links!

By Katie, 7:18 am

Are you ready to be bombarded with links? Because I’ve got a whole slew of them to share with you! There’s definitely some worthwhile reading for everyone in this list. Munching on a Bouquet Turns out flowers are more than just a guy’s way of getting out of the dog house…they’re tasty too! Check out [...]

Budget-Friendly Workout Clothes! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 2:08 pm

The Internet has been brewing with lots of interesting information on healthy living. Here are some of the links I’ve found worthwhile as of late. I hope you find them useful as well! Summer 2010 Running Shoe Guide This caught my eye because my “reward” for finishing the half-marathon (which is coming up this weekend [...]

The Truth About Cereal! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 3:26 pm

I figured it was time for another round-up of links! I hope you find them interesting! The Truth About Cereal I don’t know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with cereal – in that I love to eat it (and eat it and eat it…) and I hate when I get to the [...]

Strengthen Your Locks with…Eggs? And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 10:46 am

Hey, folks! I think it’s about time for another round-up of interesting links…enjoy! 10 Foods for Healthy Hair While we often focus on the fact that what we eat affects our weight, the truth is that our dietary choices also affect our skin, nails, and HAIR. Healthy Eats lists 10 top choices for a stronger [...]

Brunch with Bobby Flay! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 11:21 am

Here’s a quick round-up of some links that caught my attention this week…thought you might find them interesting too! Another Cable Helping for Food Lovers It’s being called Food Network: The Sequel. On Memorial Day, the owners of the Food Network will launch the Cooking Channel, complete with new shows starring favorites like Bobby Flay [...]

Our Bagels are BIGGER! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 4:03 pm

Here’s a quick round-up of some interesting links I’ve come across recently. Portion Size, Then vs. Now Katie from the Vegetarian Lunchbox passed along this visual representation of how our portion sizes have grown over the last twenty years. Turns out bagels weren’t always as big as our heads! Binge Eating – An Official Mental [...]

Showin’ Some Love ♥

By Katie, 8:44 am

In case you missed all of the advertisements for chocolate and flowers, I’ll remind you that Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. After reading that sentence, I would guess about half of you are going like this → The other half are going like this → You either love it or you hate it. [...]

Legwarmers, Scrunchies & Spandex, Oh My! And Other Hot Links

By Katie, 10:10 am

Here’s a quick hit of links that caught my attention this week! Top 25 Fitness Fashion Fads: 1985-2009 Are you in need of a laugh? Check out the American Council of Exercise’s slideshow of fitness fashion trends from the 80s to the present. Which one are you hoping never comes back into style? I personally [...]

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