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The Numbers Game: How I Stopped Counting Calories

By Katie, 5:11 am

100, 2000, 180, 440, 70. I used to be quite an expert on calorie counts. I knew the breakdowns for every single food I ate regularly, and for those I didn’t I was pretty good at estimating. I kept track of them on yellow post-it notes. You could say that I was obsessed with counting [...]

Some Thoughts on Trusting My Body

By Katie, 5:09 am

I remember when I first learned that trusting my body was the key to breaking free from an obsession with food and dieting. “Well, that’s the end of that,” I thought. “Because I just don’t, won’t, can’t do that.” Fortunately I didn’t actually give up that quickly. I recently heard someone define trust as a belief [...]

Eating versus Eating Well

By Katie, 5:37 am

Today’s post on the key differences between “eating” and “eating well” is brought to you by author Jocelyn Anne. Would you like to be featured on Health for the Whole Self too? Check out my guidelines for guest posting! _______________________________________________________________________________ Eating. You’d think it would be, should be, such a simple thing. But oh, how [...]

Three Steps for Managing Nighttime Emotional Eating

By Katie, 6:13 am

I am such a creature of habit. Every day I wake up at the same time. Every day I wear my hair the same way. And every night, around 8:30 p.m., I have an evening snack. (Source) Most of these routines are harmless. Sure, some aspects of my life – and my hairstyle! - would be more [...]

Why I’m Not a Vegetarian

By Katie, 6:09 am

In order to understand why I’m not a vegetarian, you first need to know that I used to be one. For about two and a half years in college, I was meat-free. And yet yesterday I enjoyed a turkey sandwich for lunch. What gives? (Source) Here’s what it boils down to. If you had asked [...]

When It Comes To Nutrition, Who Do You Trust?

By Katie, 5:37 am

Trusting our bodies for proper nutrition can be pretty darn scary. I used to be terrified that, left to its own devises, my body would never crave a single vegetable and I’d be left with serious nutritional deficiencies. I’m happy to say that so far that hasn’t happened.  (Source) In my mind, the true question [...]

Using Intuitive Eating to Recover from an Eating Disorder: Nina’s Story

By Katie, 5:17 am

Today I’m handing the reins over to Nina, who chronicles her story of struggling with various eating disorders and eventually finding relief in part through using intuitive eating. Nina blogs regularly at, where she shares more information about her experience with intuitve eating. Enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________________ Eating disorders ruled my life for almost a decade. [...]

Surprise! Being Nice to Yourself Really Works!

By Katie, 5:14 am

I’ve talked ad nauseum on this blog about how I got a whole lot healthier when I stopped being so darn hard on myself. Finally there is scientific research to validate my experience.  (Source) On my post “Are You Ready for Intuitive Eating?” (one of my most popular posts to date!), a very helpful reader [...]

Projections of the All-or-Nothing Food Attitude

By Katie, 5:28 am

As I’ve shared before, sometimes I struggle with all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to my food choices, and it’s pretty frustrating. It’s equally frustrating when other people project that all-or-nothing attitude onto me. I bet First Lady Michelle Obama can commiserate. (Source) You’re probably aware that Mrs. Obama has been stepping up efforts to make [...]

Are You Ready for Intuitive Eating?

By Katie, 5:38 am

Have you tried to eat more intuitively – listening to your body’s natural cues rather than some external structure – only to get frustrated and retreat back into the world of calories and points and fat grams? That happened to me, more than once actually. I jumped head first onto the intuitive eating band wagon, [...]

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