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On This Day, Four Years Ago…

By Katie, 5:16 am

If you came here today hoping for a Mexican recipe, I apologize. Because while everyone else is celebrating Cinco de Mayo, I’m busy celebrating a canoe trip. I took this canoe trip four years ago today with my boyfriend Dave. Midway through paddling our way down the river, we stopped along the bank to enjoy a [...]

House Update!

By Katie, 5:33 am

The siding is (almost) all up! Besides adding the shutters, painting the front door, and sodding the yard, the exterior is pretty much finished! That is all.

In Celebration of What Our Bodies Can DO!

By Katie, 5:36 am

Well, I’m feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. I’m not nearly as discouraged, in part because of your awesome comments and in part because of this awesome video. Indi Cowie is a soccer freestyler, which I had never heard of before watching this video. The tricks this girl can do with just her [...]

Tea For Two…or Sixteen!

By Katie, 5:01 am

Last weekend I hosted a very special event. A bridal tea! Sixteen lovely ladies gathered at the Red Brick Tea Room in Red Lion, PA to celebrate my cousin’s upcoming wedding. The beautiful bride. The tea room was absolutely adorable. And the four-course meal wasn’t too shabby either! We started off with orange-glazed scones, complete with [...]

House Update!

By Katie, 5:15 am

Here’s where we are as of last weekend. I’m squirming with excitement knowing that beautiful farm will be in my backyard. LOVE!

Who Says?

By Katie, 5:22 am

Who Says? Who says I have to have a stomach as flat as a washboard, and arms and legs that are nothing but muscle? Who says my socks have to match? Who says that I shouldn’t enjoy a bite or two of cookie dough as I prepare the batch for the oven? Who says that [...]

Have You Ever Eaten a Fastnacht?

By Katie, 5:16 am

To many people, today is just a regular old Tuesday. But to some of us, today is much more special than that: today is Fastnacht Day. What on earth is a Fastnaucht, you ask? It’s a yeast-raised potato pastry that is deep-fried like a doughnut. It’s fatty and full of lard. It’s delicious and disgusting [...]

Blessings in Disguise: My Soggy Cell Phone

By Katie, 5:41 am

Believe it or not, there’s a perfectly good reason my iPhone hung out in a bag of rice for 3 days… It all started when I mindlessly put my phone in the back pocket of my jeans for safe keeping. About thirty minutes later I went to use the bathroom and before I knew it [...]

Test Yourself! National Women’s History Month

By Katie, 5:45 am

Welcome to March, which in the U.S. is also known as National Women’s History Month! Even though women have come a long way in terms of rights and freedoms, it’s still a battle for equal space in the history books. To help enlighten us all, here’s a little quiz on U.S. women’s history. Give it [...]

You Don’t Wanna Miss This!

By Katie, 5:42 am

There is simply no introduction that would do justice to this video. You’ll just have to see for yourself! Move over Sir Mix-a-Lot, and make way for Katie Mix-a-Little!

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