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Note To Self…

By Katie, 7:15 am

Note to self: Yes, you are in a wedding on Friday. Yes, the other bridesmaids have naturally smaller body types. Yes, you will be wearing a strapless dress in front of 80 people. Yes, if you found a magic lamp today, you’d be highly tempted to blow your wish for world peace in favor of [...]

Ideal Women: Arts Vs. Mass Media

By Katie, 6:41 am

Here’s a really cool video juxtaposing images of idealized women in the arts with images of idealized women in today’s mass media. It was created by Elena Rossini, who describes herself in this way: “Documentary Filmmaker. Feminist.  Tree-hugging-animal-loving-vegetarian. Bookish. Liberal. Idealist. (In short, a real life Lisa Simpson)” Enjoy! Ideal Women from Elena Rossini on Vimeo. [...]

Bikinis, Tankinis, and One-Pieces, Oh My! Six Tips for Bathing Suit Shopping

By Katie, 5:18 am

Last week I bought a bathing suit. I truly believe that no matter how far I come with my body image, no matter how much self-acceptance I experience on a day-to-day basis, bathing suit shopping will still be challenging for me. Because there’s always another layer to peel away or another rock of insecurity to [...]

It’s Not Just a Girl Thing: 3 Reasons Men Should Care About Body Image Issues

By Katie, 5:35 am

Admittedly, the majority of my blog’s readers are female. But there are a few male eyes out there, some of which probably glaze over when I launch into a discussion on body image. That, however, does not need to be the case. Although I deal with a lot of “women’s issues” – indeed, I have [...]

Body Confessions: Sharing It All

By Katie, 5:55 am

Have you heard of the (relatively) new website called Body Confessions? It was created by Diana Spechler under the theory that voicing our struggles, our insecurities, and our shame about our bodies can help relieve it. Especially because in doing so, we learn that no matter what challenge we’re facing, chances are high that someone [...]

Set Point: Your Body’s Take on Weight

By Katie, 5:04 am

Fact: I used to really want to be a size “blank.” Like really really. It didn’t matter to me that my original weight was perfectly healthy. It didn’t matter that it was easy to maintain. I still wanted to be thinner. I would do everything in my power to reach that smaller size – restrict [...]

In Celebration of What Our Bodies Can DO!

By Katie, 5:36 am

Well, I’m feeling a lot better than I was yesterday. I’m not nearly as discouraged, in part because of your awesome comments and in part because of this awesome video. Indi Cowie is a soccer freestyler, which I had never heard of before watching this video. The tricks this girl can do with just her [...]

Airbrushing Ourselves? A Real Beauty Manifesto

By Katie, 5:10 am

Hold onto your hats, folks, because I have some alarming news. Airbrushing, retouching, and Photoshopping is no longer just for models in magazines; it’s going mainstream. Sure, you could already Photoshop yourself with some fancy camera software, but now it’s going to be even easier. Last week Julie from Beautiful You posted about the new [...]

Who Says?

By Katie, 5:22 am

Who Says? Who says I have to have a stomach as flat as a washboard, and arms and legs that are nothing but muscle? Who says my socks have to match? Who says that I shouldn’t enjoy a bite or two of cookie dough as I prepare the batch for the oven? Who says that [...]

Conquering the Urge to Diet: Three Steps

By Katie, 5:18 am

Monday I shared with you an audio recording in which I chat about how my self-image improved  when I let go of my obsession with my weight. Lest you think that means my time in front of the mirror is all roses and butterflies – “I’m so glad I’ve dealt with my issues! Now I [...]

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