Category: Body Image & Self Esteem

Shopping as a Coping Mechanism

By Katie, 5:20 am

As the story below shows, shopping and food/weight issues often go hand-in-hand. I had just come off of a few months of undereating and overexericisng, and my body was actually underweight. It was rebelling by driving me to eat everything in sight, which was causing a major panic inside of me. I had to get [...]

Admire and Inspire: Some Thoughts on the Comparison Game

By Katie, 5:26 am

I’m good friends with two very amazing women. We’ll call them Jackie and Jill. Jackie and Jill are both gorgeous. Stunning, really. On top of their good looks, they’re both really intelligent. Good grades in school and top performers in their current employment. If that weren’t enough, they’re both also really outgoing and have tons of friends. Even [...]

Kids at the Pool

By Katie, 5:36 am

The winner of Julie Parker and Emma Kate Codrington’s e-book is Shannon from Shannon’s Food Run! We’ll be in touch with your e-book! One of the perks of my new neighborhood is that it has a very nice community pool. Last weekend Dave and I checked it out for the first time, and I loved [...]

“Hey, What Are You Reading?” Some Thoughts on Talking to Children

By Katie, 5:48 am

“What a pretty girl you are!” “That’s a beautiful dress you have on!” “What gorgeous eyes you have!”  (Source) By now you may have read Lisa Bloom’s Huffington Post article about how to talk to little girls. In it, she discusses the importance of engaging little girls in conversations that go beyond their physical appearance. Her [...]

My Bra and I: The Connection Between Self-Acceptance and Underwear

By Katie, 5:09 am

No, that title is not meant to be clever; this post really is about underwear. So if you end up thinking it’s TMI, you can’t say I didn’t warn you! There are a couple of signals in my life that help me see whether or not I’m on track in terms of my relationship with [...]

The Plight of Pretty People

By Katie, 5:26 am

File this one under the grass is always greener… A new documentary called The Art of Seduction: Not Pretty, Really features interviews with people who are considered attractive by traditional standards. As you’ll see in the trailer, the “pretty people” don’t just acknowledge the perks of their good looks – like getting free stuff – but [...]

The Real Reason I Don’t Like Pageants

By Katie, 5:27 am

I just heard that the Miss USA pageant will be airing this Sunday night, and I had a rather interesting reaction. You probably think that I dislike pageants because of their obvious objectification of women. Because of the way women literally parade around being judged on the way they look in a bikini. Because there’s [...]

Confidence Takes Courage

By Katie, 5:56 am

It makes me sad to say this, but it kind of makes sense that so many people hate their bodies. Recently a reader e-mailed me and asked why it’s so terribly difficult for her to accept herself and her body. Part of the reason, I responded, is that when we attempt to make peace with [...]

Through the Eyes of a Child: A Look at Fat Hate in Children’s Books

By Katie, 5:47 am

Hey, everyone! I’m so excited to share with you this guest post from McKella at the awesome blog Handprint Soul. She always has really insightful things to say, and this post is no exception. I’m also really excited to hear your thoughts on this important topic: the portrayal of fat characters in children’s media. Take [...]

Distressing News about Male Models

By Katie, 6:10 am

A few weeks ago I wrote a post claiming that our society holds men’s bodies up to an unrealistic standard the same way it does women’s. Turns out I was more right than I even realized. I recently came across this article in Britian’s The Sunday Times exposing the horrendously unhealthy regimens used by male [...]

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