My New Kitchen!

By Katie, 5:57 am

I cannot find the words to describe how excited I was to move away from my old kitchen and into my new one.

Goodbye cramped space, hello openness! Goodbye total lack of storage, hello cabinets and drawers and pantry!

Dave and I can actually be in the kitchen at the same time without knocking elbows! I don’t have to store my kitchen appliances in the coat closet! Woo hoo!

Of course, my red Kitchenaid Stand Mixer gets a special place on the counter. As it should.

I love, love, love that my new kitchen is open to this little sunroom area.

The furniture in this space is from Cost Plus World Market, which is my new favorite home furnishings store. Great inventory, great prices, and you can usually find a free shipping code. The only problem with the room is that I think I went a little too heavy on all the brown. Perhaps a small but colorful rug under the coffee table would help brighten things up?

Breakfast bar!!!

Now that I’m settled into my new kitchen, you’re officially all invited over for dinner!

What’s your favorite part of your kitchen?


Do you have a favorite place for buying home furnishings? Like I said, right now I’m totally loving World Market. Other favorites include Home Goods, Ikea, and Ross.

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  1. ::Jealous::

    I don’t like my kitchen at all. It is tiny with no counter-tops. We store kitchen equipment all over our house because the kitchen just does not have enough storage space.

    I also love World Market, Home Goods and Ikea. But, I also love target! I particularly love their stuff made of basket type material. We also have a couple stores here – one is called Garden Ridge and the other is called Hobby Lobby and we like both of those, as well, for decorative accents.

    And yes, a brightly colored rug would be great.

    (when can we come ?!?!?!)

    • Katie says:

      Ohhh I just heard that my town is getting a Hobby Lobby in the next few months. I’ll have to check it out!

      (anytime! seriously!)

  2. I kind of despise my kitchen. We have nasty butt teal tile from the 80s. The people before us…ohhhh they had bad taste! We are saving up for granite though. I also wish it was a more useful space. It is very cramped. I guess I can’t complain though because it gets the job done.

    Your new kitchen is FABULOUS!!!!

  3. Simply Life says:

    our kitchen does the job of letting us cook great food, but I do dream about not have yellow linoleum floors one day :)

  4. Gorgeous kitchen!! There’s nothing like new space to make your own!

    We renovated our kitchen several years ago, and it involved moving a wall and cutting it in half but we more than doubled the amount of cabinet/counter space. We live in a small-ish house that was built in 1949, so we really have to get creative. I love that we were able to extend the wood floors from the rest of the house into the kitchen…they give it a nice warmth. I also love the deep red that we decided to paint some of the walls.

  5. Sportsgirl says:

    I guess mine is our “coffee station”. We purchased a cool console table and put our espresso machine on it with all our coffee supplies next to it. Previously it was sitting on our kitchen bench so I had as little room as you used to!

  6. Kelly says:

    My kitchen is a work in progress. We have replaced the floor and all the light fixtures. Next up is new granite countertops and new cabinets.

  7. Kate says:

    I’m jealous!

    My favorite part of house hunting (and home design) from last year was looking at kitchens. There were some awesome kitchens I drooled over, but the over all houses weren’t up to snuff.

    I prefer the kitchen at my condo better. At least it had a bar and was open to the living room. (So I could cook and watch tv at the same time.) Now I’m closed off, and what is worse my cabinets are too low so I can’t but my stand mixer or blender on the counter! Eventually we plan on remodling so we can have a nice, more open kitchen.

    I do love there is a lot of cabinet space with drawers so I can find things, instead of always going and rooting around my cabinets for what I’m looking for.

  8. Nicole., RD says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! SO pretty, Katie! Very open! I love all the natural light from that sun room!

    I love Ross and Home Goods, as well. Sometimes I have luck at Marshalls and Target, too.

    I think the best thing about my current kitchen is the island. Now that I have one, I don’t think I could go without. But I do miss granite! Some day…some day :)

  9. Katy Widrick says:

    Look at all that gorgeous natural light!

    We renovated our kitchen two years ago and it is the best decision we’ve ever made. Cooking (and eating) is so much more fun now!

  10. Karen says:

    Your kitchen looks so nice!! I love all of the natural light pouring in. My favorite part of my kitchen is the center island. I do all of my food prep here and we always seem to gather around it during parties.

  11. McKella says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I love the sun room too, so bright and happy!

  12. Bubu says:

    Gorgeous! I’m sure you’ll be whipping up all kinds of great stuff. My kitchen is not my dream kitchen, but big enough to indulge my love of cooking. Happiest at my island with a cookbook on the stand and things happening! Q for you: what kind of flooring did you put in there? We want to upgrade from the linoleum there now and yours is kind of what we have in mind. Is it tile, or pergo, or something else? Was installation easy-ish or not? thanks! p.s. can’t say we’ll be in your neck of the woods at any point in time, but if you’re ever Boston-bound, let me know!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks for the invite! :)

      Believe it or not, the floor is just vinyl. But it looks a LOT like tile, even in person. I’ve had about 10 people tell me that they had to bend down and touch it with their hands because they were so sure it was tile. Ha!

      • Bubu says:

        It looks great (the whole thing). I think I’ve seen flooring like that at Lowes or Home Depot, will have to check it out more.

  13. OMG, I LOVE it!! SO jealous!! xoxo

  14. Lisa says:

    GORGEOUS!!!! I am so jealous. My kitchen has been a DIY remodel (going on 3 years now) and I don’t think it will EVER be finished….

  15. maria says:

    Nice big kitchen, Katie! I have a tiny kitchen, but it has a beautiful wood floor (pine?) and an old wedgewood stove. Too much shelf space and too little counter space, though. My apartment building was built sometime pre-refrigerator, so the fridge unfortunately blocks one of the two entrances to the kitchen because there is no where else to put it without it blocking a window! It is overall quite charming—I just wish it were bigger.

  16. Oh, Katie…you’re killing me! I don’t get my new kitchen for another 3 weeks! Yours is beautiful…and it looks like you’ll have room to create anything you can imagine. Adequate kitchen space is just the BEST thing ever. And I love your mixer! My husband is getting a new tractor when we move, so I’m definitely getting the KitchenAid that I’ve wanted for years. Green, I think. I keep blowing up the motors on my cheaper ones making wedding cakes! As for the other room, I think you’ll be glad you went with earthy, neutral tones. Now you can just add splashes of color and you can change them without having to change the whole room. (My current favorite is lots of brown with touches of teal and lime or mustard). Good job! Huge congrats to you and Dave!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Wendy!!! I can’t wait to see/hear more about your new place! And I LOVE the idea of brown with a touch of mustard – BEAUTIFUL!

  17. Your kitchen looks great!!

    I love finding home furnishings at TJ Maxx and Marshalls! :)

  18. I love the counter space in my kitchen — there, everything starts. :)

    Your kitchen looks AMAZING!

  19. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous kitchen and sun room! I rent my apartment so I can’t change much but I love having a gas stove. World Market is one of my favorite stores: tons of great home decor, wine, and food.

  20. Lena says:

    I love that I have a TV in my tiny kitchen. It was left by the seller when I bought the house. It’s my saving grace when I’m washing dishes or spending any amount of time in my tiny kitchen.

    Your kitchen is gorgeous Katie! I love all of the space and openness. I think a colorful rug would definitely break up the brown in the sunroom.

  21. Silvia says:

    The favourite part of my kitchen is that I can soon move into a new one. Hello, dishwasher!

  22. Cara says:

    Beautiful- use it in good health!

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