The Big Day!

By Katie, 6:50 am

The dress has been steamed, the seating chart has been finalized, the bachelorette party has been thrown…

It’s time for these two to get hitched!

My plan for the day? Keep the bride calm and hydrated, bawl my eyes out during the ceremony, give a rockin’ toast, and then dance the night away!

What would be your #1 tip for the bride today?

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  1. Skinny Sushi says:

    RELAX! Something WILL go wrong, and when it’s all said and done, you won’t care. You might not even remember.

  2. Becca says:

    Aww, love it!

    My tip would be to just sit back and savour every second.

    I got married at noon because I wanted the day to last and last but it still flew by!

  3. Yay! So fun!! My advice is for her to enjoy every minute and let others tend to the little details. Have fun!

  4. What an exciting day!

    My advice would also be to just enjoy the day and not worry about anything.

  5. Sarah says:

    Possibly my number one tip would be to enjoy it- from here on out, don’t worry if anything goes “wrong.” Most likely no one will know if it does; just roll with it and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the day!
    Oh, and I hope YOU have a great time, too, Katie! When you get back, do you want to share some toast-writing tips? I could use some for a wedding coming up in about 2 1/2 weeks!

  6. kelsey says:

    I LOVE it!!! Can’t wait!!!! :) So glad you will be there to keep me calm and hydrated :) Love you girl!

  7. McKella says:

    Don’t freak out when things go wrong, you’re still married and it’s still a happy day!

  8. kell says:

    My advice to her is to savor every moment of celebrating the greatest gift life has to offer, LOVE!! hopefully she will feel it from every angle today and so, be sure to take the time to stop every once in a while, breathe and take it all in, allow it to nourish her and warm her heart. congrats!!

  9. Have a great time! My advice, even though I’m not married, would be to remember what this day is about. It isn’t about everything going smoothly and perfectly. It’s about the two of you and sharing an amazing day with all your loved ones!

  10. Nicole., RD says:

    Aww! My advice it to just stop a time or two, and take it all in. :)

  11. Alaina says:


    The day will go by fast, but stand back for a moment with your new husband and just take it all in. And have fun!!! :-)

  12. Bubu says:

    That’s great! I agree with the others – enjoy the day and savor it, especially the ceremony, be IN the moment, not thinking ahead to the reception or anything else, this is the most important moment of the day.
    One other thing re savoring: the last thing I did before falling asleep on my wedding night (or rather passing out) was to lie in bed and think through the whole day again, and think and savor each part, and somehow that has helped me to keep moments from that day locked into my memory over the years. If she’s not too tired, try it! Photos and videos don’t capture how it feels to look out at a room full of people you love, hold your husband’s hands after exchanging rings, and those other moments that only you can see from your perspective.

    For Katie: when my best friend got married, she gave me her camera for the day and I took shots of everything. WHile they were on honeymoon we got them a digital frame and uploaded all the pictures onto it and gave it to them as a wedding gift – they loved it!

  13. Kelly says:

    Have someone pack you a box of food for when you leave. You won’t have time to eat anything and you will be starving!!!

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