A Quick Note About My E-Book

By Katie, 5:23 am

We interrupt regularly scheduled blogging to make a quick housekeeping note about my e-book. If you purchase the PDF version, you will need to click the link that says “Return to katie@healthforthewholeself.com” on the payment page in order to reach the download page. If you accidentally click out of the site before reaching the download page, please send me an e-mail at katie@healthforthewholeself.com and I will make sure you get your download!

Thanks to all of you who have purchased it already! I’ve been so overwhelmingly pleased with the response. :-)

2 Responses to “A Quick Note About My E-Book”

  1. Katie, I’m so glad that you wrote this! I bought the E-book, and then realized afterwards that I neglected to download it. Oops! Yeah, no one ever said I was a tech whiz.

  2. Got mine through Kindle – though it’s still in my reading queue. Looking forward to it soon. :-)

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