Moment of Zen: Summer Thoughts

By Katie, 5:48 am

Today, I hope you feel as happy as a sea gull with a French fry.


That is all. 8-)

10 Responses to “Moment of Zen: Summer Thoughts”

  1. LOL! I love it! I hope the same for you, Katie :)

  2. Oh man. I love it. And you wanna know what I am most excited about for the spring time?? Meeting YOU at FitBloggin!!!! OMG, how freaking cool will that be?

  3. Julie says:

    … But I see no french fry! I guess the photographer wasn’t fast enough. :P
    And how I wish I could meet you girls in person too! Brazil’s like… so out of the map for that kind of thing. :/

  4. Josie says:

    that is some kinda happpy. right back at you!

  5. I’ll try, but I hope you are as happy as a raven who just stole a cheeseburger.

  6. Right back at you!!! :) hehe.

  7. A sea gull with a french fry. It makes me think of the beach. Thanks for the spot of sunshine.

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