Above and Beyond: My Christmas Presents

By Katie, 5:03 am

Wowza! 8-O

I’m absolutely blown away by the amazing gifts I received for Christmas this year! My family and friends really went above and beyond. Here are some highlights. (Please keep in mind that I have a pretty big family!)

A personalized gift basket!

A new ornament for my collection:

Silicone Bakeware…can’t wait to give this stuff a try!

Cookbooks. :-)

And some more humorous reading material. :lol:

Two beautiful bracelets:

Herbs from my sister-in-law, who personally grew, picked, and dried them!

She also pickled some peppers. :-)

There were a couple of experiential gifts, which are always the best! There’s a sailing experience…

…and a Valentine’s Day cooking class…


…and tickets to a Chris Tomlin concert in March – can’t wait!

Apparently my desire for a toaster oven didn’t fall on deaf ears. :-)

Also, I collect Willow Tree Angels…have you seen them before? This year I got a nativity set!

And all of the bakers out there will understand why I gave a loud yelp when I opened this one! 8-O

See? I told you they went above and beyond! Wowza, indeed!

If you celebrate Christmas, what was one of your favorite gifts, either to give or receive?

20 Responses to “Above and Beyond: My Christmas Presents”

  1. WHOA! KitchenAid! SCORE!!! :)

    We’re buying a new house this year (we hope!) and that is the first thing I’m buying! I really want a Hobart, but I think that may put a little too much pressure on me to perform ;) My pro bakery days are long over…

    Looks like a fun Christmas! Yay!

  2. Since I didn’t get a Kitchen Aid and you did . . . You must post about everything you make with it . . . That’s the rule!! ;)

  3. Lauren says:

    Wow, you so made out this year!!! So glad you had a wonderful Christmas Katie! :)

  4. Oh my goodness!!!! The Kitchen Aid is incredible!! I’m sure you’ll have great fun putting that one to use. Glad you had great holiday.

  5. those are seriously all amazing gifts…so glad you had a great Christmas!

  6. Lucky girl! I am particularly jealous of the Jon Stewart book! ;-) I haven’t gotten all of my presents yet because we haven’t celebrated yet with my family, but I got some really wonderful gift cards that will allow us to do some fun stuff in the city!

  7. So cool! you got some great things :) MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!!

  8. jessica says:

    That is awesome!!!!!

    My favorite gift to give was a pair of UGGS that I bought for my sister, she really wanted them. My favorite gift to receive was a complete 10 pc. set of Rachael Ray Anodized Pots and Pans – they are fabulous!!!!!!! I almost fell over!!!!

  9. Katie says:

    I love Willow Tree Angels. :)

  10. Very nice Katie!! I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and love it! I also have a silicone bundt cake pan and it’s great too!

  11. christina says:

    such great gifts!! i really love that second bracelet!

  12. Amalfi Girl says:

    I want that runner’s field manual, and those bracelets are beautiful! I’m so glad you had a great holiday.

  13. Ohhh! Those are nice! I love those Willow Tree figures. We have one of a mother with a child and its very special to me.

    Experiential gifts are awesome too. You get to be excited over them for a good bit of time. Just as you will every time you break out that stand mixer!

  14. Lori Lynn says:

    Chris Tomlin will be awesome to see! Love his music. The kitchen aid mixer looks like it will be a lot of fun to use. :-)

  15. You were definitely a good girl this year! I love Willow Tree angels! I dont have a large collection but mine is of a pregnant mom hugging her belly (I accidentally knocked her off the counter and her head broke off), a brothers one, a dad holding a baby and something else.

    Can’t wait to hear about how the silicone bakeware works. I’ve been wanting to try them out.

  16. Awesome gifts, Katie! I’m familiar with the Willow Tree Angels. I get Brian’s mom one of those almost every year. They’re so pretty! I haven’t gotten my gifts from my family yet (we exchange gifts on New Year’s Eve – Russian tradition), but I received nice presents from Brian’s family. And he bought me a Nook and a leather cover for it! Oh and a Moleskin notebook – I’m so obsessed with those! :)

  17. Karen says:

    What a great Christmas!! Can’t wait to see what you whip up with your new mixer and silicone bakeware!!

    Merry Christmas!!

  18. Dorry says:

    Great gifts! Billy and I were totally humbled by our awesome gifts this Christmas, especially since we just got married in September and have been receiving wedding gifts for months. We’re totally spoiled.

  19. Sportsgirl says:

    Very nice! Love the mixer…. I am going to save up my pocket money to buy myself one I think ;-)
    I got some nice gifts this year too, very happy and surprised with them!

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