The Post In Which I Shake My Groove Thang

By Katie, 5:23 am

It was about this time last month that I outlined eight ways we can love our bodies. Number 3 was DANCE, and I think it’s high-time I show you what it looks like when I practice what I preach. ;-)

I now present, for your viewing pleasure, a video of me being a dancing queen fool. A huge shout-out to my fellow dancers and bloggers – Karen, Mara, and Joy. (And a special thank you to Joy for engineering this awesomeness!) If you aren’t yet reading these women’s musings, you will be after you see this video. The energy is just contagious. ENJOY!

Dynamite Dance with Dynamite Friends from Joy Tanksley on Vimeo.

When was the last time you shook your groove thang? If you can’t remember, make it TODAY! ;-)

52 Responses to “The Post In Which I Shake My Groove Thang”

  1. MizFit says:

    saw your tweet about this and clicked immediately over :)
    we love love to shake our groooove thangs around herein the name of creative cardio.


  2. OMG, I am grinning from ear to eat! What a fantastic video! You ladies rock my socks, I will be saving this video for when I need a boost!

  3. I always knew you were a rock star, Katie!

    Excuse me while I go bust a very inspired move… :) :D

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  5. Kelsey says:

    I LOVE this post, Katie!! Sooooo cute :) i have to agree, dancing is GREAT!! I LOVE to dance (hence my obsession with Zumba, and always needing to move when there’s music, i see i’m not the only one, haha). Can’t say i love my body when i dance, but i sure LOVE to dance. You looked awesome “shakin your groove thang” :) as did your fellow bloggers. GREAT video :)

    • Katie says:

      Thanks, lovely! And I have this sneaking suspicion that one day you’re going to be in the middle of some crazy awesome dance move and suddenly realize that you DO love your body, exactly the way it is. ;)

      • Kelsey says:

        awww. thanks you!! you’re too sweet. we’ll have to make our own dance video sometime. and i’m glad i saw this video, cause i know you’ll be up to shake your groove thang all night on May 20th! :) haha

  6. This was such a good way to start my day!!! Joyous!

  7. i’m with christie, i’m bookmarking this bad boy and watching it when i’m feeling down…you girls are so beautiful and FUN!

  8. Joy Tanksley says:

    Thanks for playing with me, baby! You are fabulous!

    • Katie says:

      YOU are fabulous, Joy! I am so thankful our paths have crossed. :)

      • marzipan says:

        ME TOO. I’m glad that all of our paths have crossed. Y’all give me just so much daily inspiration and happiness. Thanks for sticking around : )

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  10. Linda says:

    You ladies are “Dynamite”!!!! Katie, I know where you got your dancing talent, ha ha.

  11. Haha, how cute! I’ve gotta know – did you guys plan the similar dance moves in advance, or did it happen spontaneously?

    What a fun post :)

    • Katie says:

      Joy cut all the videos together, so she had a special pre-glimpse of our moves, but other than that, no planning whatsoever!

  12. Huge smile!

    I love that song too! :D

    I needed this today.

  13. Sarah says:

    AWESOME :)

  14. Jory says:

    Katie this is so cute! Definitely a great burst of energy for a rainy day (at least rainy where I am). :)

  15. Katie, awesome, awesome video! I seriously can’t stop watching it! I’m also bookmarking it because it simply makes me HAPPY! :)

  16. Hope says:

    LOVE this! :) I’m gonna bust a move now!

  17. gfveg says:

    you got me out of my chair and MOVING!

  18. This video was awesome!!! I like to dance in the car and around the house :)

  19. Awesome! Definitely had me grooving along while I was watching the video! :D

  20. Pat says:

    I can’t stop smiling! THANK YOU! I was dancing along with you. I ALWAYS have music playing in the house, and sing and dance around (which drives my kids nuts!).

    Katie, can I share your video on my blog? Please let me know if it’s ok.

    Have a rockin’ day!

    • Katie says:

      Absolutely! Spread the dancing love around! And feel free to link back to my blog and the blogs of the other dancers too. :)

  21. Arielle says:

    I love it!! You and Joy are my favorites :]

  22. OMG! I don’t think I’ve ever written OMG before, and I feel like I’m 14 years old now. But really, what an amazing video! I can’t put it into words, but what happiness and joy this brings to me. I love that you each have your own unique smile, and that your personalities come through (not that I know any of you personally, but so it seems). This is a fantastic post. Thanks!

  23. Lindsey says:

    This made my day!! I am totally bopping in my seat at work right now. I hope Joy doesn’t mind that I’m going to steal some of her dance moves for my next girls’ night out :)

    last time i shook my groove thing….been a while.L :( what a great reminder this is!!!
    i didn’t really shake it, but moved it around to the rhythm of Nina Simone’s song “new day.”

  25. Simply Life says:

    I LOVE IT! Nice work – I love how you can’t hide how happy you are! :)

  26. AWESOME video! You guys did a great job! Just what I needed to put a smile on my face this afternoon! :) Thanks for sharing!

  27. This was SO MUCH FUN!! And you know what my husband said Katie…he thought you could be my little sister :-)

  28. Heather Oswald says:

    That was brilliant! I made the mistake of watching this at work and there was alot of desk wiggling going on. You ladies looked so beautiful and joyous I totally wanted to join in.

  29. Amy says:

    This is hysterical! I myself love to dance too, but I am not real good, so I hesitate to do it in person. I took a hip-hop dance class last year and it was alot of fun and hard work memorizing all the steps. But it made it easier too because there were only 3 of us in the class!

  30. jessica says:

    This is too cute! I LOVE to dance ;-) I couldn’t help dancing along in my chair as I watched and now I think I’m gonna crank up some tunes and shake it!

  31. Hayley says:

    Oh my gosh…how can you NOT smile while watching this video?! You guys are all so dang cute!! Way to go Joy for doing such an amazing job on putting this video together. I absolutely love it!!

  32. amie sue says:

    I just saw this post…and watching you all dance with such freedom, joy and self-confidence brought tears to my eyes.

    • Katie says:

      Making this video was so freeing for all of us. If you had told me three years ago that I would be writing this blog or making this video, I wouldn’t have believed you. Thank you for this comment!

      • amie sue says:

        Who sings this song? Or the name of it? It inspired me to rejoice and dance this morning. Thank you for the inspiration!

        • Katie says:

          It’s called “Dynamite.” I forget the name of the artist, but it’s a pretty recent song. I love it! :)

          • amie sue says:

            Awesome..ty. I got it downloading. hehe It just makes me want to move and I so need that right now.

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