A Thanksgiving Prayer

By Katie, 5:45 am

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In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I want to share with you this personal prayer I wrote. I’ve been saying some version of this prayer all month; I really feel that it’s a message God is trying to get through my head.

Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow or not (I recognize that many of my readers are outside of the U.S.!), I invite you to join me in this prayer.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

Dear God,

Today I stop to be still for a few moments longer than usual.

I stop to say thank you for all of my blessings, which are so great and plentiful that I probably couldn’t even name them all if I tried.

But today I feel strongly that saying thank you isn’t the end of my journey, that giving words to my gratitude is not the full extent of its expression.

Because you, God, didn’t bless me so abundantly just because you like me, or because I did anything to deserve it. You blessed me so that I can do something with those blessings. So that I can share them with others. So that I can give them away.

With great blessing comes great responsibility.

I am so fortunate to have food on my table, a warm bed to sleep in, and relative financial security. I am so thankful to be surrounded by support, encouragement, and – most importantly – love. But I do both myself and the world a disservice when I hoard those things for myself.

Dear God, I want to learn to say thank you not just through my words, but also through my actions. I want to learn to express my gratitude for my blessings by deliberately sharing them with others. I want to see firsthand your promise that when we give it all away, it only multiplies.

Help me, Lord, to internalize this message: Gratitude is just as much a verb as it is a noun. It is just as much an action I want to take as it is a state of mind I want to have.

Thank you for blessing me, and for challenging me through those blessings.



18 Responses to “A Thanksgiving Prayer”

  1. Wow, Katie, I have chills, thank you for sharing your prayer with us.

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  3. Katie i really mean it when i say this is beautiful. I don’t think a lot of families value prayers as much as they used to or probably should. saying prayers, especially around Thanksgiving, is (or was) always an important part of our family. and more than ever, i feel like theres so much more we should be grateful for. i think more so for Americans given the past year or so with the economy!! <3

    • Katie says:

      Thank you, Kelsey! That means so much to me. And I agree – difficult times often make it more challenging to be grateful, and yet it is during those times that it is most important.

  4. i love that you’re including the need for action as well…there are too many times i forget that in order to enact change i need to be actively pursuing that change. such a great reminder!

  5. Bonnie says:

    Beautiful! So many people take their many blessings for granted or feel entitled about them. I love the concept of sharing our many blessings with others.

  6. Jill says:

    Thank you for sharing this Katie. This has given me something to think about since we are hosting my in-law’s this Thanksgiving. They are nice people, but they drive me up a wall and sometimes I’m not so great at hiding my annoyance. I’ll try to be a gracious hostess this year and be thankful that we have a house that is big enough to welcome his family. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. christina says:

    beautiful! have a wonderful thanksgiving!!

  8. Really beautiful, Katie. Have a blessed holiday!

  9. Amen.

    I have been feeling those same things a lot lately. I recognize how much God has done for me but want to really live my life as a sacrifice and serve others. From my family to the grocery clerk to those in need. Every way I can. It can get overwhelming but taking it day by day to opening our hearts and eyes to how to be kind to others can do wonders. You are such a beautiful person, Katie, and I thank you for putting this message out there. :)

  10. Dorry says:

    Beautiful prayer. I’m going to share it with my sisters. Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Karen says:

    That’s a beautiful prayer! Thank you for sharing that and giving me some great ideas for self reflection.

  12. Rhonda says:

    BEAUTIFUL Katie !! Very well said. Wishing you and your family A WONDERFUL Thanksgiving .

  13. Katie, I also wanted to say that this is such a powerful and thoughtful prayer. You always write so beautifully. Thank you for sharing it with us! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  14. I love the idea that gratitude is a verb, Katie. Wonderful prayer. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving

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  16. Hayley says:

    This truly is such a beautiful prayer Katie. It should be made into a prayer that everyone says at every meal or every morning or at least every day. I will always look back on this post as frequently as I can. I love the idea of “paying it forward.”

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