Globetrotter Wanna Be

By Katie, 5:34 am

Mondays are made for dreaming big, don’t ya think?

I was very fortunate to spend the weekend with sunshine on my face and sand between my toes.

It was a perfect little last-glimpse-of-summer getaway.

But here’s the trouble with vacations: they always make me want more. They make me want to travel and explore, which are both things I haven’t done enough of in my life thus far.

So today I’m dreaming big, letting my mind wander from hot spot to hot spot, from journey to journey. Will you join me?

My Dream Vacation Destinations



Partly because I married an Irishman, partly because I love the color GREEN.

Austin, TX


Dave’s the music buff, not me, but I’ve heard such great things about the overall vibe of this city.

Portland, OR


The perfect location for those of us who can never choose between the bustle of a city and the serenity of nature.

Quebec City


I’ve actually been here before, but I really want to go back because I just love the charm of old-yet-well-maintained towns like this one. And I want to break out my (hit-or-miss) French skills.

Anywhere with Clear, Blue Water


I’ve only ever seen the cloudy, murky stuff.

San Francisco


Another city whose overall “vibe” I want to get swept up in.



Just because of that photo.



Dave’s family helped start a Christian orphanage there, and I’d love to meet the children and share in the compassion that surrounds the place and its supporters.



See above explanation.

Bali, Indonesia


And not because of Eat, Pray, Love. Or at least not entirely.

Taipei, Taiwan


I have several Taiwanese  friends, and they assure me I won’t be disappointed!

Whew! Those are some far away dreams for a Monday morning! Now I’m off to go plant my money tree… :roll:

Have you ever been to any of my dream destinations?


What’s your dream vacation? Is it in the cards for the near future? The far future?

50 Responses to “Globetrotter Wanna Be”

  1. Freya says:

    Oohh Oregon looks stunning! That’s officially on my dream list :) I haven’t been to any of yours..not even Ireland which is dumb considering I live in England!

  2. Nicole, RD says:

    You’re making Monday rough! LOL! I’ve been to San Fran, but that’s it…sad! My DREAM vacation is Thailand and I think we may go sometime in the next year…we’ll see :)

  3. Lauren says:

    AHHHH I love your Towson sweatshirt!!!! :) You knew I went there right? Wait, did you go to Towson????

    • Katie says:

      YES! I went there for grad school, though, not undergrad. I got my master’s in Women’s Studies there! :)

  4. Candice says:

    Italy and/or all of Europe is my dream! My friend just moved to Australia, so that will probably be my next big trip.

  5. oh my gosh i’ve been to austin so many times it’d ridiculous…but you’re right, it is a fun city! and last year we spent a week in the british virgin islands…talk about blue clear water! i’m hoping for a new england, pacific northwest, and european vacation in my future!

  6. I was at Rehobeth this weekend! It was perfect for one last get away. I want to go anywhere in South America, preferably Peru and Argentina. I have this desire to see a rain forest in it’s natural beauty while I can.

  7. Great beach pics! I’ve been to Yellowstone and Quebec City, but I’d love to visit all over Europe.

  8. Oh my goodness… this post, coupled with the rainy dreary morning, is making going back to bed pretty good!

    I’ve been to Yellowstone and San Francisco, and I am dying to go to Ireland, Quebec City (and Montreal), the Grand Canyon, Portugal, Peru (Machi Picchu!), Morocco, New Zealand… and… pretty much everywhere else! And I agree, the more I travel, the more I WANT to travel.

  9. My husband and I are determined to make it to Turkey and Greece…maybe next summer?!

  10. Sabrina says:

    Those are all wonderful destinations, and I don’t think I have been to any of those myself. Once I am finished with school my dream job is to be a world traveler. It’s always nice to dream, keeps hope alive!

  11. Really cool post Katie. I did one recently like this but didn’t have the cool pics. :)

    I have been to SanFran, Austin, and Yellowstone (several times on that one) – would definitely recommend all three! I have also never seen clear blue water, but I am excited to see it when I go to Thailand in 3 weeks. :) Traveling is amazing!

  12. Tina says:

    I love traveling! Right now many of the places i hope to go are in the US since I haven’t traveled there as much as I would like.

  13. Holly says:

    THANK YOU for this post, Katie! I have the Monday blues….so this is exactly what I need to think about right now. :-)

    I’ve been to Ireland and San Fran…and I loved both! Ireland was the best vacation of my life. It is insanely beautiful there, plus, you can drink a Guiness at lunch and no one will judge you. ;-)

    My dream vacation is definitely Italy. I’m sure I’ll get there one day…just have to save some $$ for…awhile!

  14. I can attest to the awesomeness of Ireland, Portland and Yellowstone! :)

    I’d love to go to Nepal, NA/Australia, Chile and Scandinavia.

  15. Tamara says:

    Ireland sounds awesome, but though it does have a lot of the color green, it has even more of the color GRAY. Which produces the green, so it’s justified, but still. I hate clouds and drizzle. My favored destinations are further south, where the skies are blue more: Italy, New Zealand, the Caribbean….

  16. Wow we share a lot of the same dream places! I really want to go to Australia/New Zealand/Philippines.. I want to go to Italy.. I want to go on an Alaskan Cruise.. and I want to visit a ton of places in the USA: Boston, Portland, Seattle, Yellowstone, Colorada, San Francisco.. and more!

    I’m not sure what is going to be in the near future.. but dreams will come true!

  17. I would love to travel. I want to travel around Europe mostly but first I need to get myself around the US. The farthest West I’ve been is Colorado :/

  18. Agree w/ the clear,blue water! I’m an ocean girl that married a lake boy. Boo. My dream vacation would be to go to France, his would be to go to Australia. More than likely, neither will happen until our children are grown. Or maybe if you send me a starter from your money tree??

  19. Cammy says:

    I would LOVE to go to Bali and catch a boat over to neighboring Lombak. There is a huge geological transition between the two islands, so virtually none of the wildlife is the same, even though they’re extremely close to one another. It’s very significant, biologically!

    Culturally, my favorite place that I’ve visited thus far would probably have to be Italy, but for nature it would have to be either Hawaii or southwestern Mexico.

    I second you on Namibia, probably my number one pick for spots to go in Africa.

    And of course Australia is on my list…and I’d love to hop around the Basman islands to the south as a side trip from that.

    I’ve yet to visit Asia, I think I’d pick Thailand. Most of my choices are based on wildlife siting opportunities…

    • Katie says:

      …which is totally awesome! I’m really intrigued by the Bali/Lombak difference. Next time I plan a trip, I’m consulting you first so you can tell me what wildlife to look for! :)

  20. Liz @ Blog is the New Black says:

    My dream vaca is Italy and I’ve yet to go!

  21. Arielle says:

    I dream big when it comes to travel. My top 2 are Italy (partly because I’m Italian but mostly just because there are so many great cities we could visit in one trip and such beautiful scenery, food, tourism stuff – aka, LOTS OF MUSEUMS which my bf and I love) and Australia (because of course, scenery, as well as great touristy stuff but also because they have the highest suicide rate… I’d like to do some kind of missionary-ish stuff possibly once I have my counseling license and am involved in some kind of organization or have a team I can take down for counseling sessions or something like that). Our next vacation, however, will be New York City because it’s affordable (well, more than Italy & Australia! lol) and then Vegas. My very first vacation was to Florida and that was a dream vacation for sure. We want to go back for a week next time and hopefully soon and to nicer beaches.

    • Katie says:

      I didn’t know that about Australia…I think it’s so admirable that you want to go there not just for vacation, but to help people and share your gifts.

  22. So many places I’d love to travel to! I think anywhere in Europe is number 1 for me. Hawaii is second!

  23. Kate D says:

    Alaska is awesome–if you visit you need to plan to see the whole state because the scenery is different in each of the various regions.

    I’ve been to Portland a long time ago, I’m planning on going again soon because i’ve heard great things about it. I also loved the water in Mexico–the beach I went to fit the clear water requirement.

    I really want to go to Norway. I’ve made it my goal to go on my 35th birthday–that will give me plenty of time to save money!

  24. McKella says:

    I’ve been to Yellowstone. I really want to go to Italy and India (Nothing to do with Eat Pray Love) and I don’t know when I’ll get to go, but dangit I will someday. I have a ton of places I want to go and do. I posted my bucket list (I call it a Handprint List) on my blog. Here’s the link if you want to see it:
    You should make one and post it! I loved you kitchen bucket list!

  25. I have wanted to go to Australia since i was in 4th grade! That is on the top of my list on things to do in my lifetime. There are cruises that go to all major cities and even stop at New Zealand. Wanna go? :)

  26. I’ve been to Yellowstone, but I was very young and don’t remember it. I would love to go to any of the places you mentioned! Especially anyplace with white sandy beaches and turquoise water. That is where I want to be!

  27. So far, I have crossed off the british virgin islands and napa valley. I still really want to go to Switzerland, Greek islands, Italy and China.

  28. Shawnee says:

    I want to take a tour of Italy and Grece. Also, I’d love to go to Scotland. :) If you ever travel this way to Portland, I’d be happy to share some tips with you! :D

    • Katie says:

      Thank you! I think Portland is one of my more realistic destinations, so I just might be taking you up on that! :)

  29. Mo says:

    Québec City was by far one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to! I went with my class in 7th grade haha. We stayed in L’Hôtel Clarendon, right across from what I *think* is the town hall but am not sure. It was just so quaint. I remember walking the streets and it was perfect. Even the littered alleys were somehow adorable. ;) And thankfully most Québécois know better English than most of Québec’s tourists know French. Everyone I met, the first thing I had to say was, “Parlez-vous Anglais?” and would breathe a sigh of relief when they did. There was only one girl who didn’t, and she was probably 17 so it’s okay. It wasn’t too bad, since I was just ordering food from her. :P

    I want to go to Ireland, as well, but the country that tops my list is Sweden. I seriously want to live there someday! Then it’s Italy, then England, then France and ten thousand other places that seem incredible. I think it’s the fact that I’m so poorly traveled that makes me want to travel so much haha.

  30. Lisa says:

    I love to travel! My dream is to go to Italy! =)

  31. Hope says:

    Monday’s are definitely for dreaming! You look so happy in the picture at the very top!:)

    I’d love to go to Greece personally. Where the water is VERY blue! :)

  32. Lena says:

    I’ve seen the clear blue water of the Caribbean when I traveled to the Dominican Republic in high school. It was water like I’ve never seen! My dream vacation is Germany with my mom to visit family and see where my great-grandmother (whom I’m named after) lived before she moved to the US.

  33. I love this post, Katie! Such great pictures. I’d love to go to California, particularly San Diego and San Fran – and definitely Yellowstone Natl Park. Wow!

    I’ve been to Austin several times. I went to grad school in College Station, TX, so it was a few hours drive. My friends and I went to Austin City Limits years ago, which was definitely fun. I’m not a huge music buff either, but I enjoyed it. Austin is also sooo beautiful. Tons of yummy places to eat, definitely a relaxing vibe and great hiking. I highly recommend it! :)

  34. I’ve only been to Quebec City out of all of those. I haven’t had much opportunity to travel yet either.

    There are so many places I want to visit! BC to hike the Rocky Mountains, Napa Valley to see wine country, Italy for the ruins and for PASTA, and France for the language, wine and shopping.

  35. amanda says:

    I have been to Austin ( LOVE IT THERE!!! Some day wanna live there). I also am going to be going to Australia/New Zealand for christmas and New Years this year. Might be taking a trip to Ireland March 2011.

  36. I’ve been to Australia, Portland, Ireland and San Francisco…def all a must! I have traveled a lot of the east coast of Australia and if you want some adventure, i suggest going to the rainforests in the NE! soooooo gorgeous and just amazing! Ireland is nice too, but rainy; Portland was nice but I was only there for a few days; and San Fran: simply amazing! so much to do and eat! another must!

  37. San fran is better than alaska..though alaska was cool, it’s jut not the postcards you imagine.

    italy was my major dream and we went for our honeymoon…now I want to go back to different areas!!

  38. How fun!!! My list gets longer every day… which is fine, except that I want to go everywhere, so it is starting to look a little expensive!

    I have been to San Fran (live close) and its one of the best cities in the world, and where I want to settle down. Portland and Austin are awesome too! I’m sad I haven’t gotten to Namibia while I have been in Mozambique but I will save that for another day.

    i am going to thailand, cambodia and egypt in the next three months and can’t wait!

  39. I lived in Austin for 6 years and I am saying….GO THIS SPRING!
    Or anytime but definetely in the Spring.

  40. Lindsey says:

    I love your top two! I’ve lived in Austin for the past ten years and love it – there’s always something going on, and it just has such a fun, hip, and weird vibe. Love it.
    Also, my husband and I went to Ireland this summer, and it was a total dream trip- SO incredibly beautiful, and great people. I hope you and your husband get to go someday!

    • Katie says:

      A trip to Ireland AND you live in Austin??? I am officially jealous of you! ;)

  41. Becca says:

    Ireland, San Francisco and Quebec City I have done!

    Ireland is absolutely lovely – Dublin is so much fun (I have family there) but I’d love to do a weekend somewhere in the countryside as well.

    I didn’t see much of Quebec, because it was a school ski trip, but it was so very cool to be on a different continent to my parents at age 14! My aunt spent some time in Montréal working as a nanny and she raves about the city.

    San Francisco, we visited on our honeymoon, and frankly, I wouldn’t be disappointed to never ever visit that place again. There were so many homeless people who were severely mentally ill – to the degree that I just did not feel safe there, and I’ve lived in the UK’s two largest cities. On a less serious note, it’s FREEZING cold in August, just when we decided to go!

    I’ve been so lucky to travel to some amazing places – India, Dubai, most of Europe and North Africa. I’d really love to go to Thailand next. I love Thai food, Thai people… I would spend a couple of days experiencing the crazy hustle bustle of Bangkok, then fly to Ko Phi Phi for a cookery course and a lot of exploring!

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