My Kitchen Bucket List

By Katie, 5:16 am

Lately the idea of making a “bucket list” – filled with everything you’d like to experience and accomplish before you kick said bucket – has become quite popular. I’ve decided to take a cue from Holly over at The Balance Broad and make a version that’s a bit more specialized. 8-)

I present to you…

My Kitchen Bucket List

Before I leave this lovely little planet, I would like to…

1. Successfully caramelize onions.


I ♥ caramelized onions so much, especially as a pizza topping! But I have yet to master the art of not burning them. :oops:

2. Make a loaf of bread…without a breadmaker. 8-O


I’m not talking sweet breads here, people. Indeed, I was quite successful with making Gingered Applesauce Bread with Dark Chocolate. But I want to make hearty bread. And I know it’s doable because the Hubby has done it before, in my very own kitchen. But I didn’t help…not even a little bit. Oops!

3. Make pretty stuffed chicken breasts.


For whatever reason I am convinced that stuffing a chicken breast is very difficult, way out of my culinary range. Not sure where I got that idea, actually, but it’s something I’d like to try adding to my repertoire.

4. Bake a cake (or a pie!) from scratch.


As I mentioned earlier this week, baking is not exactly my specialty. So to successfully bake a scratch-made cake or pie would just be the epitome of awesomeness. 8-)

5. Feed my (future) baby homemade baby food.


No, Mom, there’s no bun in the oven yet! :lol: I’m just thinking ahead!

6. Roll my own sushi.


Again, super intimidating. Which is exactly why I want to give it a shot! :-)

7. Learn to use our outdoor grill.


Dave is definitely the grill master in our household, and there’s a part of me that would be content to keep it that way forever. But what about female independence? I can’t be relying on a man every time I crave that smoky flavor! ;-)

8. Make my own ketchup.


I’m sure this lovely lady will support this endeavor. 8-)

9. Make my own fresh pasta.


Flour, a couple of eggs, a little bit of salt…how hard can it possible be, right? :roll:

And last, but certainly not least…

10. Bake a batch of perfect chocolate chip cookies.


Again with the baking! But I can’t help myself; there’s just nothing like a warm chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven…and someday I’d like that oven to be mine! Wanna place bets that I’ll try recipe after recipe, only to find that the best one is from Nestle Toll House? ;-)

Which items on my Kitchen Bucket List have you already checked off?


What’s on YOUR Kitchen Bucket List?

59 Responses to “My Kitchen Bucket List”

  1. I agree with ALL of them except 4, 5 and 10! I’ve done number 3 and 10, and I don’t want babies so that’s fine too :P
    I’d like to learn how to ‘cook’ raw, and also cook an amazing 3 course vegan meal for my family :)

  2. What a great idea!
    I’ve already made homemade pasta. It’s so yummy. My husband learned from his Grandmother, and he taught me. It’s so much fun.
    In terms of my kitchen bucket list I want to learn how to make croissants. I love those delicious little things.

  3. i love the idea of a kitchen bucket list :) I have made a loaf of bread without a breadmaker – but the results were only okay :P that is one definitely on my list for this winter, though! i’ve also baked a cake and made stuffed chicken. Neither are too terribly difficult – I’m sure you can do it :) I made pesto-stuffed chicken breast for mother’s day last year. definitely recommended!
    on my list? oi, too much to list! i’d love to make a REAL Indian curry-type dish, though…or anything Indian, really!

  4. amanda says:

    I made my own thanksgiving dinner for my husband and I. :) It was delicious and had some of the regular staple Thanksgiving foods.
    I would however one day make homemade fried chicken, my own almond milk, and hummus

  5. I love this idea! I may have to come up with a list of my own!

    I’ve checked off #3, 4, and 10 on your list. :) But the others sound like ones I’d want to do, too!

  6. What a great idea to make this list! I love the making ketchup one. I’m going to add that to my yet-to-be written bucket list. The only one on here that I’ve accomplished is rolling sushi… it was tasty and fun(though time-consuming and not very pretty!).

  7. Joy Tanksley says:

    WHAT FUN! Okay – about the bread thing – try this no-knead recipe sometime:
    It’s so much easier than regular homemade bread. My hubby makes it all the time and it ROCKS!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you for sharing this! It seems to me like the no-knead method is the way to go.

  8. Simply Life says:

    I love this idea -great list! Hmmm…now I’ll have to think about my own!

  9. What a great list. I can’t get the caramelized onions down either :(

    I have total confidence in you that you can end up doing all of these. I think the easiest ones out of them all are the cake and cookies. Let us know when you accomplish any of them!

  10. Sushi is definitely on my food bucket list as well, along with perfecting marinara sauce from scratch, homemade gnocchi, and the perfect vegan cupcake!

  11. Don’t be afraid to bake a cake from scratch. The Double-Double Chocolate Cake you linked to is easy. And you can make it with a cup of regular old coffee. You don’t HAVE to use the brand suggested.

    Happy baking!

    • Katie says:

      Thanks for that tip! You’re such a cooking (and photography!) inspiration! :)

  12. Ahh, what a fun post!! My kitchen bucket list is:

    1. make my own ice cream
    2. get into a routine of always having prepped veggies in the fridge
    3. have my own “Starbucks” set up – espresso machine, milk steamer, flavored syrups, etc.!

    Ahh, the list could go on. I think that when I get my own place, all of the money is going to go into the kitchen! hahah.

  13. I actually never thought to make a kitchen bucket list. I don’t even know what I’d put on it! Maybe I’d start simple with, juicing my own juice haha.

  14. Such a good idea!
    My mom and I have made bread together without a bread-maker, but I would like to try it myself. I’ve rolled my own sushi (so much easier than you think, I promise!) And I made a pie from scratch last week!
    I would LOVE to caramelize onions and make fresh pasta! YUM!

  15. Kelly says:

    I love the kitchen bucket list post. The kitchen is definitely where I need help! I’ve tried many a stuffed chicken breast, and while they might taste great, they don’t usually LOOK great, so I can’t wait to see a pic when you accomplish that one! :) I need the inspiration!
    Rolling my own sushi would definitely be one mine. And when it comes to the chocolate chip cookies, I’ve tried so many other recipes and I always go back to the Nestle Toll House!!

  16. SheFit says:

    Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies has been on my list for a long time and I’ve come short several times… still searching! Let me know when you find it :)

  17. Jessica says:

    I love the idea of a kitchen bucket list – I will have to make one.

    I’ve checked of 2,4,5,6,7,9 & 10 : ) I love spending time in my kitchen. I bake chocolate chip cookies probably 3 times a month – we love them in my house. I get a lot of practice on that one!

    Caramelizing onions and stuffing chicken breasts have eluded me so far – but they are now on my list. Simpledaisy just posted about a fall inspired rustic pizza with onions on it – it looked really really good.

    • Katie says:

      Wow, you’ve completed practically my whole list! I am majorly impressed! :)

  18. McKella says:

    I love this idea! I already have a bucket list and a few of these are on it!
    I want to…
    bake my own bread
    make (stuffed!) pasta from scratch
    cook an eggplant (so far, I’ve only ruined them)
    make a successful veggie burger
    and…learn to make those little roses with tomatoes or lemon peel.

    I’ve done a couple things on your list. I’ve made sushi! I’ve made a cake from scratch, and nearly every batch of chocolate chip cookies I make is perfect! They’re my specialty. I can go from nothing to fresh out of the oven in 15 minutes and I don’t use a recipe. I am the cookie queen, and I’m not afraid to admit it!

  19. homecookedem says:

    What a cute idea!! I want to make my baby homemade baby food as well!! Probably will start trying it out next summer when he’s around 6 months. Actually, I have a lot of things on my bucket list since I’m not really a cook or a baker. Probably #1 on my list is to actually ENJOY cooking and baking!! :)

  20. Tamara says:

    I’ve done a couple of these, but have a couple of others waiting in the wings myself. I bake my own breads without a machine fairly often, because a good sponge is the only way to get a properly flavorful bagel, and I can’t bake cakes from mixes because they tend to have milk powder in them. Buttercream frosting, though, is something I want to make from scratch, but I can’t really do that until I have a proper electric beater. I’ve made pasta before, but not Italian-style…the Germans have a wonderful little noodle called Spaetzle which requires nothing more than squishing the egg-and-flour dough together, chopping it up, and dropping into boiling water until it floats. None of this rolling out business.

    Don’t be afraid of the sushi. It’s a lot easier than it looks, because Japanese rice is MAGIC. Seriously. I thought making sushi and rice balls would be horrible because the rice I’m used to doesn’t clump, but once you cook the sushi rice, you will see that it’s impossible to /not/ have it stick everywhere. So rolling up the sushi is quite easy, because those little grains glue themselves and the nori together.

    • Katie says:

      That’s good to know! I was assuming it would be a major pain, but what you said makes total sense. I can’t wait to try it!

  21. My fiance showed me how to use the bbq this summer and I’m so happy I learned how to do it. It really makes me feel independent & I like that if I’m home before he is… I know how to work the bbq so I can start dinner!

    This is an awesome list Katie!

  22. Sam says:

    I have to agree, stuffing chicken – not easy! I’ve done it and it never looks pretty!!! Glad I’m not the only one! You know what I loved about your list? They are real foods!!

  23. Jessica says:

    You’d love “Healthy Bread in 5 minutes a day” – I make my own bread, it’s so easy! (these are no knead, artisan quality recipes). I make baby food, it’s really easy. I just got a new grill and am having a blast trying everything! I’ve made cakes and sushi, chocolate chip cookies, and pasta. Homemade ketchup is a great idea! I love the stuff, so does my two year old. THen we could dip our grilled sweet potato wedges in it. :-)

  24. I’m such fan of homemade bread, and I actually like the size of my loaf when I don’t make it in the breadmaker. It’s more like sandwich-sized when I make it by hand. I don’t really know why… but it always fluffs up more in the breadmaker… which is pretty… but the slices are huge!

  25. I’ve done all of these except the ketchup and the chicken breast (not pretty ones, anyway) and that means that you can definitely do them too! (Chocolate pasta is totally fun to make.)

    I can’t wait until your making your own baby food!. It makes my heart happy every time I do!

    Hmmm…what else would be on my list…I’d like to be able to make a really great pie crust from scratch, and I’d like to get a little better with seafood, maybe. My biggest issue is with recipes that have tons of ingredients. I’d like to get over that fear!

  26. Ack! Typo…


  27. So cool! I’ve baked a cake and a pie and perfect chocolate chip cookies (in my opinion, hehe). I also have made stuffed chicken and know how to use the grill. I definitely want to make my own pasta and roll sushi toO!

  28. Sarah says:

    I can make caramelized onions and do a half-decent job of rolling sushi, but on my I-still-wanna-conquer-it list are the baby food, the pasta-making, and the grilling.

  29. brandi says:

    you can do it! Homemade bread isn’t hard at all, and every loaf tastes amazing, even if they don’t look good :)

    I also want: caramelize onions, make my own pasta, make a level layer cake, perfect my sourdough bread, and make a souffle!

  30. I agree with this whole list! I was actually just thinking last night about how I want to make my own pasta. I’d also like be able to make a perfectly cooked rare steak, make merangue, and make my own pie crust!

  31. I recently crossed off homemade yogurt. Also on my list are pizza crust, salsa and sprouted grain bread.

  32. Kristy says:

    Great list!! I can cross off homemade pasta, wish I made it more often because it really is easy! :) I’m going to have to work on my list, it will be long! lol ;)

  33. I love your list! Making my own pasta is on mine. I’ve crossed off the homemade bread…and definitely think you should go for it! I was afraid of yeast breads for a long time, but found out it was totally worth the little extra work!

  34. This is a great list! Love your cooking ambition!

    I’ve crossed off #’s 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9. Even though I make caramelized onions frequently, they’re FAR from perfect! I grow imaptient and ALWAYS burn them. (But most of the time they still taste good, which I guess is the important thing!) I’m also an avid chocolate chip cookie baker, but they always come out too flat (which makes them crispy). I prefer soft, gooey cookies!

    To this list I’d add a perfect souffle and creme brulee!

  35. Kate says:

    Part of my top 10 is making my own yogurt. I’d also like to get a handle on making my own spaghetti sauce and ketchup. If you’d like to make chocolate cake, I’ve found a great recipe that I’ve been able to make and I don’t claim the title as the world’s best baker.

    • Katie says:

      Please send that cake recipe my way! And I can’t believe I forgot about making homemade yogurt – that is definitely on my list too!

  36. I have a really easy ketchup recipe on my recipes page. It calls for tomato paste so I guess it’s only semihomemade but it is great. You can really customize it- sweetened or not, spices, etc…

    Great list!

  37. Kate D says:

    Hehe, I haven’t perfected anything off your bucket list. Except maybe caramelized onions–though it was two years ago so I might have forgotten all of the burnt spots. lol I did try to make mayonnaise when I was younger–it didn’t workout so well.

    I would like to add:
    1) Cook a whole turkey
    2) Create a list of recipes I like to make, that taste good, that I can make over and over
    3) Make the perfect hard boiled egg
    4) Grow my own vegetables/herbs
    5) Make my own jams and jellies

  38. I love this!! I can definitely add some of your things to my “kitchen bucket list” as well, like baking my own bread and (someday) making my own baby food. Even though I’m not married and not expecting to have a baby anytime soon, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

    And…as a person who loves to bake (but is definitely not a master-baker), I’m telling you — don’t be intimidated by baking a cake from scratch. I promise you it’s really not all that hard. You just have to find a good recipe (the one you’ve linked to looks amazing). And as long as you follow the directions, you’ll be fine. I have faith in you :)

  39. Mo says:

    I’ve done 2, 3 (pie) and 9!

    I’ve never attempted caramelized onion because I don’t like caramelized onion, so that’s really the only thing on your list I’d never be interested in doing. :P

    I especially want to learn how to grill. For some reason I’ve always just assumed that a woman wasn’t capable of grilling (I apologize for setting us back a couple centuries, my bad). The first time I saw my mom grill I was like, “whaaaat?” :P And I want to bake a cake. A REAL cake. I’ve only ever made cupcakes and a flourless almond-orange cake. My sister’s birthday was last month and I’m determined to make her a cake!

    PS: Pie-baking isn’t that hard, actually. But the best, best, besssttt pie you could possibly make is this one:
    Make sure the follow the recipes for the crust exactly (method-wise, at least. I *had* to sneak in some white whole wheat flour, and this year I’ll use whole wheat pastry flour instead). I made two of them for Thanksgiving last year and everyone RAVED. My nana usually skips the crust but she ate it. :O

    • Katie says:

      Oh my goodness, that recipe looks amazing! I so want to be able to make that!!!

  40. oh i need to do a post like this sometimes, i LOVE THE IDEA! reminds me of the jack nicholson movie which im pretty sure is called “the bucket list” too.
    ive successfully been able to master the caramelized onions but i need to try to make a cake or pie from scratch!

    awe shucks, i was hoping the baby food was a segway to a little announcement ;) .. ur future little one will have the best homemade baby food ever <3 nom nom nom

  41. And when you do make this ketchup, will you please send boatloads to my house?!?

  42. coco says:

    such a fun bucket list! every foodie should have one! :)

  43. Katie says:

    I LOVE this idea! I always randomly thing…”Oh i really want to try to make that..” but always forget what those things are when i’m in the ‘creative baking/cooking” mood!

  44. christina says:

    that is a greeeeeat list!!

  45. I relate to ALL of those on your bucket list, although I’ve accomplished the bread, cake and stuffed chicken breasts. I somewhat got a good feel for using the grill when my husband was deployed too. :) I plan on making fresh pasta very, very soon so I’m excited about that!

  46. Holly says:

    Thanks for the shout out! :-) I would love to do ALL of those things. Especially sushi! I’m just thinking of all the money I’d save.

    And I’m with you on the perfect CC Cookie. I swear, I can’t ever get them just right. Actually, I haven’t made them in forever because I got tired of trying! I’m adding that to my list, too. :-)

  47. I’ve done the baby food and mastering the grill. I still prefer for The Lover to do it though. :) Homemade bread is definitely on my bucket list! If I learned to make pasta, that’s all we would have at my house!

  48. I love your list! If you want to try an easy bread, try this: It’s seriously the easiest bread ever!!! Pasta is actually really easy too…I find the sauces to put on the pasta more intimidating, myself. Keep us posted as you work through your list!

    • Katie says:

      Thank you for sharing this! I definitely think no-knead bread is the way to go for me! :)

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