Intuitive Eating: Tougher than a Diet

By Katie, 5:36 am

Today’s post is an extra-special one! I’m excited and honored to bring you this message from Christie, whose words of wisdom about making peace with food inspire me every day!

Hello, everyone! I am so excited to be here on Health for the Whole Self because, well, it is one of my very favorite blogs and I am delighted to be a part of it! My name is Christie; I’m a health and wellness coach specializing in changing the relationship that women have with food and their bodies. I’m also author of the intuitive eating blog, Honoring Health. On my blog you will find my insights into intuitive eating, emotional eating, holistic health as well as a heaping side of recipes. Today, I’d like to share with you a little about my path to wellness and hope that I can inspire you on yours!

When I started blogging three and a half years ago, I had no idea my life would change so dramatically. At the time, I thought I was in for the easy way out. I was tired of dieting, binging and starting over every single Monday. Honestly, I thought intuitive eating was going to be my magic pill.

It wasn’t.

At least not in that instant results and everything is wonderful kind of way.

It was, and still is, so much more work than any diet I was ever on. And I’ve been on every diet known to woman.

Before I found intuitive eating, I was a chronic yo-yo dieter and had been binging since I was a small girl. In my teens, I would stuff down boxes of Little Debbie cakes after school followed by hours of Jane Fonda.

I’m old.

Do you even know who Jane Fonda is?

Anyway, through the obsessive exercise and teenage metabolism, I maintained a healthy weight though I always thought of myself as fat. By the time I was in my mid 20′s, I was 220lbs and miserable but I never really realized that I had an issue with food. I had no awareness of what I was doing, why I was doing it or even that I weighed so much. And then one day, I saw myself in a mall mirror and didn’t recognize who I was and a day later, I joined Weight Watchers.

And what a love affair that was.

For the next couple of years, I dieted and binged, dieted and binged still completely unaware that I had some serious problems with food and my body. Eventually, I found intuitive eating and the rest, as they say, is kind of history.

Through the exploration of the principles of intuitive eating, I found myself under that layer of fat. I discovered that I had some deeply ingrained habits of using food, obsessive exercise and negative self talk as a way of coping with life. I had been suppressing all of my emotions for so many years, I had to re-learn how to think and, most importantly, how to feel. And once I learned to just be with my emotions instead of eating them, everything else sort of just fell into place.

Fast forward to now, I’m the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been and I’m now helping women from all over the world learn to do the same. It wasn’t magic but it does feel kind of magical.

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Questions from Katie:

Can you relate to Christie’s story?


Do you know who Jane Fonda is??? :lol:

27 Responses to “Intuitive Eating: Tougher than a Diet”

  1. Hahaha. I’m going to be utterly embarrassed if no one knows who she is.

    Thanks for welcoming me into your space, Katie!

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  3. Yes I totally get Christie. She’s such an inspiration for me…such an inspiration.

  4. Tina says:

    I love your blog Christie! Intuitive eating and finding a way to be balanced with food saved me from myself.

    And for the record – totally know who Jane Fonda is. ;)

  5. I understand what Christie went through even though I can’t really relate.
    I did struggle with body image growing up, but was more interested in being healthy and strong than sabotaging those efforts. I did do alot of stupid fad diets and workout plans.
    And I DO know who Jane Fonda is! :)
    I only have one issue with intuitive eating, and that it’s not truly intuitive. you have to (re)LEARN to eat intuitively. Children are great for that!
    I only insist my daughter eat breakfast and after that if she just wants to graze on fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. the rest of the day-fine with me. Also, she only eats when she is truly hungry.
    She has no food rules, except: eat real food and only when you are hungry :)

  6. I DO know who Jane Fonda is! Thanks for this post. I think it’s always inspiring to hear from someone who has dealt with “emotional eating” and has learned to trust their bodies to do what we are meant to do. It’s pretty amazing what happens when we’re able to feel our feelings and allow our bodies and minds to do what they will without control. I’ll definitely be checking out Christie’s blog!

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  8. Simply Life says:

    Great post! Ha, I definitely did Jane Fondo workouts in my living room with my mom when I was growing up :)

  9. Great Insight, lot’s of information!

  10. Obvi I know who Jane Fonda is! I used to do her exercise tapes all the time and always wanted to be one of the girls to the right of her. Haha. Too funny. Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Shawnee says:

    I know who Jane Fonda is, though I never did get the honor of working out with her! I am so glad you wrote this, I am in the first stages of changing my thinking when it comes to food. I’ve givin up dieting and am attempting to eat intuitively. It is hard! I have wanted to give up a couple times, but I have made some small changes and am taking some baby steps. Baby steps are hard for me…being the recovering perfectionist that I am!

  12. Wonderful post, Christie! I’m looking forward to following your blog!

    Yes, I DO know who Jane Fonda is! She’s a fitness icon! But I must admit, I’ve never seen any of her exercise videos, only her recent appearances in movies like “Monster in Law” (don’t necessarily recommend it!). :-)

    For a few months I’ve been on a journey toward intuitive eating. You’re right–it definitely takes work, and is MUCH more difficult than any diet out there because there are no rules!

  13. Um, Jane who?

    Just kidding. I’m old, too. And I think of her from the Vietnam days, not just the exercise days, so I must be REALLY old!

    I agree about how much of a challenge intuitive eating is. All other things aside, I find it so frustrating that others around me just don’t understand. If you say you’re on a diet, people totally get it and act like it’s normal, but if you start talking about intuitive eating, which IMO is SO much more interesting and important, many people just look confused. I’m often referred to as a “weird” eater. As if it’s that simple. Go figure.

    Thanks for a great post!

  14. Um. So glad I’m not the only one who knows who Jane Fonda is.

  15. I’ll definitely be checking out Christie’s blog. Thanks for the post!

  16. i love this…and i love christie and her blog (Hi christie!!!! :) ) i think the most powerful part of this for me was actually the title. i feel like we all walk around on our “diets” and think about how hard it is, but we don’t even realize that it’s all a cover for the emotional side of eating!

  17. Jessica says:

    I can relate totally. And yes, I know how Jane Fonda is.

  18. What a great post! Thanks Christie!!

  19. Meg says:

    I remember Jane Fonda is in Monster-In-Law which I thought was hilarious! Not going to lie, I didn’t know she was a fitness guru.

  20. Kate D says:

    Boy do I know who Jane Fonda is. I believe she was the very first exercise tape I was exposed to. (Rumor has it there was a sweating to the oldies tape floating around my house, but I never could find it.)

    I am so glad to know I’m not the only one who had a binge/diet love affair with Weight Watchers.

  21. Lisa says:

    Yes…I know who Jane Fonda is because I think I am older than Christie…lol.

    I know from experience that intuitive eating is harder than a diet. I hope to one day be able to confidently say I’m an intuitive or “normal” eater….I’m working on it.

  22. Cyndi says:

    I can definitely relate with Christine. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m going to look into Intuitive Eating as a way of coping with my food issues. It’s become clear to me, as I sit here overly full, that I have some things I need to work out.

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  24. thanks for sharing Christie, your story is sure to inspire many :)

    (ah, gotta love the founder of aerobics, Jane Fonda!)

  25. Josie says:

    Not only do I know who Jane Fonda is, I have very vivid memories of putting on my leotard and leg warmers (remember those?) and sweating along to her video. Not only that, I’m pretty sure that I still have the step from her step aerobics video stashed away in my garage!

    Thanks for sharing. Yes, this is hard, but it totally feels worth it.

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  27. Lori Lynn says:

    I know who Jane Fonda is, but she actually was a little bit before my time. LOL I also have a history of doing the same thing of having a really bad image of myself. I was overweight and binged and then felt the need to exercise it all away. Thanks for the post.

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