Exercise Mishaps

By Katie, 7:16 am

There’s a word for people like me, and it’s this: Klutzy. 8-O

I am, quite simply, not a graceful human being. I trip over my own feet. I’ve been known to accidentally hit people with my umbrella on rainy days. And my mom used to tell me that I walk like a Clydesdale, a fact that I cannot dispute.

And if I’m that clumsy under ordinary circumstances, you can imagine how bad it gets when i’m exercising – when I’m fatiqued or zoned out to my music or thoughts, there’s no brain power left over to try to feign an element of grace. This has led to some unfortunate mishaps, which I thought you all might get a kick out of. ;-)


- A few days ago, in the middle of a 6-mile run, I face planted in the middle of the sidewalk. After hauling my now scraped and bloodied body back up, I immediately turned around to see what I had stumbled over. Nothing, apparently. :roll: Several passersby saw me take the plunge and called out to see if I was ok, which  – apart from my embarrassment – I was.

- Last week I was completing a 4-miler on the treadmill at the YMCA. By mile 3 my face was dripping with sweat (yuck!) so I reached for my handy-dandy towel, which was hanging over the treadmill display. Well, I must have yanked too hard or something, because somehow I simultaneously pulled my stainless steel water bottle off its designated ledge next to the display. It went flying into the air, landed with a hard thunk onto the rotating treadmill, and then flew off the back and into a reclining bike. :oops: My face must have been beet-red as I immediately jumped off the treadmill and saw a hundred eyes staring at me as I retrieved my runaway H2O.

- On a similar note, before I purchased my now-essential iPod armband, I used to sit my MP3 player on the same ledge of the treadmill. I can’t even count how many times my arm got caught on the headphones cord, sending my iPod flying across the room. :-o

- These days I love doing crunches on a stability ball. But let me tell you, the first time I tried to use one, I made a fool of myself! I had no idea how to position my body onto it! :lol: There was a decent amount of rolling and sliding before I figured it out.

So now that I have completely embarrassed myself, please make me feel a little better by sharing your exercise mishaps!


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  1. Hayley says:

    I am just so relieved to know I’m not the only clumsy exerciser out there! I’ve had my towel and water bottle go flying off the back of the treadmill (relieved no one was behind me), nearly gone flying off the back of the treadmill myself while trying to hop on (unsafely) while the belt was moving, years ago before ipods came out I was using a discman and it fell while I was running (again on the treadmill) threw the CD in one direction and the player in another, and I’ve fallen off the stage at Jazzercise (landing on my feet – thank goodness!) In my defense, I was taking big lateral moves and overestimated the size of the stage! Heheheh…I also got my foot caught behind me while teaching Jazzercise one time because I didn’t realize there was a gap between the stage and the wall behind me – that was actually kind of scary! I heard the whole class gasp and then of course I tried to play it off like it was no big deal. “I meant to do that!” Heheheh…

  2. I am so much the same way. I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time or I will fall. :-)

  3. Lol! I’m a klutz too. I have done “superman” style falls on several runs, thus having to run back with bloody kneecaps. I feel hardcore (sorta) while finishing out the rest of the run, but i wish i didn’t trip so easily over everything!
    I also fell off a treadmill once (thankfully, it wasn’t at the gym…it was at my parent’s house), and I accidentally dropped my ipod on a treadmill (this time I was at the gym), and it flew back into someone else’s stationary bike. It made such a racket, and I was red as a beet while retrieving it. Oh, the memories….

    Three cheers for people who do silly things and are able to laugh about it afterward! :)

  4. I do that thing with my iPod all the time! You would think I would have learned to wear my arm band at the gym by now, but I haven’t. :P

  5. Thanks for the laugh!

    I, too, have found myself in a sidewalk face-plant. I broke my CD player into a million pieces (this was before my mp3), wrecked my knee, and killed my dignity.

    On the plus side, I never ran so fast in my life trying to get off that street and back home to hide my face!

    Once, I found myself in an advanced aerobics class where, apparently, you were supposed to know the steps before you signed up for that class. Who knew? Boy was I red-faced, but the people weren’t exactly nice about it. Meanies.

  6. Jessica says:

    I tried a step class once…let me repeat ONCE. Never again. I can not even go into details, it brings back bad memories.

    I always seem to get my arm caught up in my ipod chord and pretty much rip the earbuds out of my ears and they proceed to get all tangled in the moving arms of the elliptical…it is a mess!

  7. Jen says:

    You’re too funny! I have definitely dropped my ipod several times on a treadmill, which is a very expensive blooper! I once rammed my leg into a weightlifting machine so hard that it clanged loud enough for everyone in the gym without an ipod to turn and look at me. It immediately bruised. But the funniest workout story would have to be when my roomate in college went running with a guy she had a crush on and ran face first into a telephone pole!!! She was so focused on looking at him while they talked!

    Thanks for the giggle! I needed that!

  8. These were so funny! Well, I’m sure they were comical AFTER the fact to you! Let’s see.. sometimes I just plain old trip when I run and that’s embarrassing. I actually still have a pretty big scar on my knee from tripping and getting all scraped up about 2 years ago!

  9. Cate says:

    I constantly trip when walking upstairs, but my clumsiest workout moments happened years ago when I face-planted when trail running. I think I tripped over a tree root, and yes, I had an audience. I have a love/hate relationship with armbands, so I also have had several get away while working out on cardio equipment at the gym.

    When my husband tried the stepmill for the first time, I was already going on the one next to him. He cranked it up to a high speed without realizing how fast it would be, and I had to lean over to his machine and press stop for him because he was afraid that if he let go of the rails, he would fall. He was quite embarrassed!

  10. I have ripped my ipod away from my ear buds so many times. I had to convert to a shuffle because it was becoming such a hazard. I’ve tripped getting off of the elliptical numerous times (why are they so difficult to get my long legs off of?). I also almost knocked a guy carrying groceries out from turning a corner too quickly. I hate running on city sidewalks for that reason, I’m a hazard to other pedestrians.

  11. Laura says:

    HAHAHA i had a good laugh at this post! good to know i am not the only clusmy person out there! it wasn’t an exersizing mishap, however i’ve broken my toe, TWICE, and both times it was running down the stairs at the last minute to answer the phone!! xx

  12. Jessica Lee says:

    haha, it’s okay katie, i think we have all had our mishaps!

    last week i ripped my finger open by dropping a 35lb dumbbell on it while re-racking. i did this a few months ago too.

    i dove in softball and busted my knee open.

    i ALMOST fell off the treadmill today seeing how fast i can go. i put it to 10.5 (ps. not a good idea!)

  13. Shawnee says:

    LOL That’s so funny! Um. We’ll I wasn’t exercising, but I was walking with a smoothie in hand. I was also talking. Somehow, I think I saw the line in the sidewalk out of the corner of my eye and I tripped. But it was like in slow motion. I managed to catch myself with my free hand. The smoothie was safe! Oh and I tried to do the crane pose in yoga and totally biffed it on my shoulder. I just laughed.

  14. It is no secret that I am totally in love with Peyton Manning and I actually fell off the treadmill at the gym while watching Colts highlights on Sportscenter…oops! haha!

  15. girl, i have scars on my toes from riding my bike to school in flip-flops…not super smart…

    also, my mom’s flown off the treadmill before…she was pretty embarrassed about that one…

    and, well, just walking in general tends to be difficult to complete for me. (shakes head) :)

  16. Lisa says:

    I hate slipping down the stairs, which has happened to me a number of times. It’s awful
    to hear my heart race with fear.

  17. I was studying note cards while running on the treadmill and they fell off the ledge and shot off the back, flying everywhere!! I fell running over a speed bump. And crashed pulling back into the parking lot [where our cars were parked] after a 20+ mile bike ride. Ohhh and I worked bike patrol for a half marathon once and totally crashed on my bike in front of a ton of runners!! Feel better now?!?! :)

  18. omg!!! all i can say is ouch.awe.hug.

    in high school a group of us girls had to make a funny video skit for French class. we used a treadmill in our video piece and one of my friends was doing the scene and running on the machine. she put the speed up to 10 and then when she realized it was too fast for her she tried to slow it down but it didnt go down in time so she totally flipped on her face and her legs flailed behind and into the wall which was directly behind the treadmill… so her face kept skidding on the end of the running belt. ouch. she was so scuffed up!

    OUCHHH <3

  19. haha, i loved this post. you are NOT alone. I have fallen off a moving treadmill and I hope it really cannot get worse from there. ALthough I didn’t break anything, so I guess technically it could have been worse…

  20. hahaha these are hilarious (sorry)! And no, you are definitely not alone! I decided to run XC/track because I was too klutzy for any other sport. ;) I have gotten so into singing along (in my head) with my music that I’ve fallen on the treadmill before (thank goodness for those side rails). I’ve also tripped over nothing on a run outside and landed flat on my face. And I have a very good friend who did the same thing — only she ended up breaking two fingers! Whoever said running wasn’t dangerous…?? ;)

  21. christina says:

    i’m a HUGE klutz. i fall a lot, always have bruised knees and tend to not look where i’m going.

    this past weekend i was downtown and saw a sign on a building that said “cooking classes.” i yelled “OOH cooking classes!!” and started crossing the street without looking. apparently a bmw was coming my way and my friend had to swipe me out of the way so i didn’t get hit…..story of my life!

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