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By Katie, 7:53 am

Folks, I made a discovery yesterday regarding this blog that almost had me in tears. :cry:

Since I started Health for the Whole Self, I’ve been assuming that when a reader leaves a comment and I reply to it, the original commenter receives an email alerting her/him to the fact that the comment has a reply. I don’t know why I made that assumption, and it turns out it was a wrong one. :-x

I realized this when a reader left a comment, I replied, and then she left another comment – in which it was obvious she hadn’t read my reply to her first one. Probably because she never knew it was there.

You see, up to this point, if you wanted to see a reply to your comment you would actually have to return to the site on your own volition; you did not receive any kind of notification. And unless you were specifically looking for a response, I doubt you would have done that.

That means that every time I thanked you for your encouragement, or answered one of your questions, or expressed gratitude for your loyalty to the blog, you had no idea. I’ve replied to many, many comments, so it saddens me greatly to realize that these replies have probably never been read by the original commenter. :-( I’m particularly upset because I want Health for the Whole Self to be a conversation, not a one-way dialogue.

But we must move forward, right? :-)

With the help of Christie and the wonderful mister, the issue has been solved and the necessary plug-in installed. (You can check out the comments section of my last post to see our testing in action. :lol: ) So now, when you leave a comment to which I reply, you will receive an email letting you know.

If you asked me a question in a comment and were wondering why you never heard back, chances are high that I did, in fact, reply. The replies have been showing up on the actual site, so you can always go back and see them there…although I realize that’s kind of a pain. :-?


Ah, well, my mistake. At least it is remedied now. :-) I thank you for continuing to read and comment, despite the fact that you may have been under the impression that I wasn’t responding to those comments. It means a lot to me – so much more than you know – that all of you keep coming back to read what I have to say!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 8-)

11 Responses to “A Note About Comments”

  1. Oh I so know how you feel! I have the same problem with my blog :( what’s the plug-in that you need? I hate that no-one knows when I reply too :(

  2. Lauren says:

    I want this installed on my comment section so badly! Do you mind if I ask you how you did this?

  3. Mo says:

    Yeah, I don’t know of any site that lets you know if a blog author has replied to your comments. It’s cool you got a plug-in, though! If I ask a question or suggested something on someone’s blog I usually check back to see if it got answered, or I temporarily subscribe to the comments to that post (and then unsubscribe if/when it gets answered). If it’s just a comment saying I liked the post or what someone made, I assume the compliment is appreciated anyway. ;) I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees that you reply to a lot of your comments, so I don’t think many people thought you weren’t responding. :)

  4. I’d also like to know what plug-in you’ve started using! I have one that sends an email reply, but I’m not loving it. It doesn’t leave the replies as a thread, but rather as a new comment. No big deal but it’s kind of annoying!

  5. Lisa says:

    i think commenting on comments is a tough thing. i don’t even have a way on my blog to comment directly, so i usually reply individually, if I can, although I would like to make mine more of a conversation – just have to figure out how!
    don’t fret much about this. we all love your blog so much anyway!
    hope you’re having a great weekend!

  6. ooh – must look into that plug in! when i (finally) realized people probably weren’t getting my responses, started replying by e-mail. i’m not too keen on the idea, especially when it’s a good question that i’d like to answer where everyone can see it, if someone else happened to be wondering the same thing. that and, i don’t know how some people feel about an e-mail response.
    Works the other way, too = I’ve asked stuff, totally forgotten about it, and only realized i had a reply waiting for me when for some reason, i went back to the original post.
    hope you’re having a great weekend!

  7. Oh what is the plug in? I need to add that feature to mine too!!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hey girl that’s okay. Actually when I first started reading your blog, I noticed how you replied to many people and I thought that was so amazing. Therefore, if I ever asked you a question, or commented about something worth having a reply, I would always check back on that post and you always so graciously would have a response. So thank you! I wish I would do that more often. A lot of times when I read someone’s comment, I answer them in my head, but then don’t always take the time to write them a reply. I’m like you, even if they’re not asking me a question, I would still love to have a conversation with them.

  9. I am glad you got the comment reply to work!

  10. sophia says:

    Oh, I had no idea there was a plug-in for that! I’ve always found it a bother that I can’t reply to the reader directly like that. May I know what the name of that plug-in is?
    And don’t worry abt it…we all make mistakes like that! And I like that you want your blog to be a conversation…that’s kind of what I want, too! :-)

  11. Nicole, RD says:

    YIKES! I didn’t know this either…I need to check into this. Don’t be sad, everyone will understand :)

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