Parsnip Fries! And Other Eats

By Katie, 9:21 pm

Here is a glorious plate of parsnip and carrot fries that I recently consumed:

Dipped in BBQ sauce…delicious!

I’ve gotten some questions recently about my parsnip fries, so I thought I’d do a quick how-to. If you’re not familiar with them, parsnips basically look like big, white carrots.


They taste a lot like carrots, too, except that their flavor is stronger and a bit more “woody,” if you will. (Best word I can think of to describe it!) I’m also pretty sure they beat carrots in the vitamin and nutrient department. Regardless, the two go well together!

To make parsnip fries, start by peeling your vegetables and cutting them into fry shapes. It doesn’t matter how thin or thick you cut them, you just have to adjust cooking times accordingly. With parsnips, it’s important to know that the inner core can be a bit bitter, so I usually cut around that.

Toss your fries with a drizzle of olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. (Some people like to put them in a plastic bag and do some shake ‘n’ bake action. I just put them in a big bowl and mix it all up with my hands. As long as all the fries are nice and coated, you’re good to go.) Spread them out on a baking sheet coated with spray and/or lined with foil.

I did these at 425º for about 30 minutes, stirring them up halfway through.

I like them dipped in BBQ sauce or ketchup, but I’ve heard hummus is good too!

Some other eats of late…


I tried a new nut butter with my oatmeal!

In the bowl:

  • oats cooked in H2O
  • pinch salt
  • cinnamon
  • sliced banana
  • Naturally Nutty Vanilla Almond Butter
  • dried cherries

I’m going to say the verdict is still out on this one. I really wanted to love this almond butter, but I actually found the vanilla flavor to be a bit too strong and overpowering. But maybe it was just my mood, or maybe the combination here just didn’t work. So I’ll give it another shot before officially saying I don’t like it. ;-)

And a yogurt bowl.

Plain Greek yogurt, chopped apple, and Cinnamon Puffins.

Other Random Eats

Sunshine Burger (Garden Herb flavor) topped with Annie’s Naturals Honey Mustard.

Green pepper strips dipped in hummus. (Exciting? Not really. Classic snack? For sure!)

Lovely Bosc pear.

And a Horned Melon.

Ever seen one of these thorny guys? I hadn’t, so of course when I did I had to try it. And of course I had to Google how to eat it!  :lol: Turns out the inside is this crazy green gel.

It kind of reminded me of the green slime that they would pour on the heads of the contestants on kids’ game shows I watched growing up. Not exactly appetizing. Taste-wise, it reminded me of a non-ripe banana. Next time I’ll just stick to a banana, then. ;-)

Have you ever had parsnips? Do you like them? What’s your favorite way to eat them?


What’s the strangest fruit you’ve ever eaten?

29 Responses to “Parsnip Fries! And Other Eats”

  1. Lindsay says:

    I love cream of parsnip soup

  2. christina says:

    the horny melon is pretty! and yes yes yes i’ve had parsips and i LOVE them! i always bake them with sweet potatoes. i’ll have to try them with carrots.

  3. Erica says:

    The horned melon looks very interesting! Thats too bad the vanilla almond butter did not taste all that well! It looks and sounds delicious.

  4. haha, i’m glad you posted this. for some reason i’ve been deathly afraid of parsnips, and i think that fries would be the best way to start eating them. just gotta grow up and try them!!!

  5. Nicole, RD says:

    I love parsnips! I’m a fan of all root veggies…love’em love’em! Caitlin’s fries always look sooo good! Yours look even better!

    I’ve never had a horned melon, they intimidate me! I can’t think of weird fruit I’ve had recently. Hm. I dunno!

    • Katie says:

      You posted semi-recently about some fruit that was HUGE, like as big as your head…but now I can’t remember what it was!!!

  6. Wow, I need to find one of those “horned” melons! How interesting!

  7. Parsnip and carrots simmered in chicken broth with a tiny bit of curry powder (or garam masala) makes a wonderfully luscious, comforting creamy soup. I love it! I’ve blogged about creamy parsnip on my blog before, posted a really tasty recipe too.

  8. Diana says:

    I’ve never tried parsnip, it’s just one of those weird things you see on the supermarket and nobody buys! Oh the things I learn on blogland. :)

  9. Candice says:

    I love parsnips in fry form just as you did the turnips. I toss them with olive oil and cajun seasoning. Then dip in ketchup. I can’t even tell their not potatoes!

  10. Looks like you have had some delicious meals! I love love love carrot and parsnip fries so much! The parsnips are become so sweet and licorice-like! Your choice to dip them in barbecue sauce was brilliant! Smokier than ketchup, perfect!

    I also love that you were adventurous in trying the horned melon! It looks beautiful inside! I’m so glad to get your review of the vanilla almond butter, I’ve seen it around (mostly on Kath’s blog, and never knew if I’d like it! Thanks, my love!

    Have a fantastic day~!!

  11. Jessica says:

    I love parsnips! I only discoverd them about 2 years ago. Parsnip carrot soup is one of my staples.

  12. Jess says:

    I love parsnips, but only have them at Thanksgiving when my uncle cooks them up. I should try them in “fry” form – maybe my guys would eat them then? Otherwise I have a super skeptical husband, but in fry form he may not even notice!

    I will also immediately be adding that nut butter to my grocery list. YUM!!!!!

  13. Susan says:

    Ahh parsnip fries – what a great idea! I love parsnips (even though I’ve only had them once haha). That horned melon looks kinda scary! Answered your question on my blog mama ; )

  14. I have parsnips in the fridge and I keep meaning to make fries out of them but they seem really hard to cut. Am I imagining that?

    As wild I have gotten with fruit would be eating the skin on a kiwi :D

    • Katie says:

      They are pretty hard to cut, especially the ones that are really big. I use a huge knife!

  15. katie says:

    DYING to try those parsnip fries!! ahh! what do they taste like?! yum!

  16. Lisa says:

    horned melon,,holy moly that looks crazy!!

  17. I’ve never had parsnips! But the way you cooked them makes them look exactly like french fries, which is clearly appealing ;) I’ve been seeing carrot fries just about everywhere too. I’m thinking I should give it a try…especially since I don’t like carrots in raw form :/ And what ISN’T better in fry-form? :P

  18. Mo says:

    I called horned melon kiwano melon (it was the first name I heard for it so it stuck). I LOVE them. I even did a report on them in the 5th grade in French (and strangely enough, so did my best friend even though neither of us spoke to each other about doing it…)! I wouldn’t liken them to a nonripe banana, though. I would say they taste more like a cross between cucumber, kiwi and cantaloupe (in a good way). I eat them by cutting lengthwise and eating with a spoon, kind of like how you would with a kiwi except cut the opposite way. :)

    I’ve only had parsnips in chicken pot pie, and I liked them. I’ve been meaning to make parsnip fries though because I seem to keep hearing about them.

  19. Elina says:

    I bet these would be awesome with some coconut oil instead of EVOO. I may make some tonight (have a bag of pasnips and carrots in the fridge!) :D

  20. Cara says:

    I love parsnips! For years and years, the only time I ever ate them was during the Jewish holidays, because my grandma always put it in her matzoh ball soup. But now I know how delicious they are roasted too :)

  21. Meg says:

    I’ve only made parsnip “chips” before. I’ll have to try the fries. Slicing the parsnips thin (preparing the same way), makes them perfectly crunchy. It’s pretty dang good to make with beets too!

    • Katie says:

      LOVE the idea of “chips!” I have trouble getting the fries as crunchy as I’d like, so this would probably work better in that regard. Thanks for sharing! :)

  22. Ok, Katie…it’s just getting weird now. I haven’t been to your blog in a while, and today I was looking up parsnip fry recipes at the WiFi cafe at Giant as I sit here WITH PARSNIPS IN MY CART and I found yours! And I’m making carrot casserole, too! There must be some kind of weird food connection going on…

    I’m off to make some fries. Wish me luck.

    Oh, and I’m also a big fan of the Sunshine Burger (enjoying mine now with pea shoots from the garden!), and NOT a fan of the horny melon. Too “space alien” for me, but fun.

    • Katie says:

      Hey, Wendy! I hope you liked the parsnip fries! And somehow I missed that you’ve started your own blog, but I was just checking it out and it’s wonderful!!! :)

  23. I just made my first batch of parsnip fries! They’re tasty.

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