Guest Post: Balance and the Bike

By Katie, 10:55 am

Hi, everyone! I’m away this weekend attending the FitBloggin’ Conference, hopefully learning lots of information that will help make Health for the Whole Self the best blog that it can be! While I’m gone, please enjoy this awesome guest post from a friend of mine whose dedication to fitness is absolutely inspirational! :-D

Hello and welcome to my guest post!  My name is Jory and I am filling in for Katie today.  I don’t currently have a blog of my own, and when Katie asked me to create a guest post, I was thrilled!  She is a great inspiration, and maybe one day, I will have a blog too!

Outside of my “real life” I am a 27-year-old competitive cyclist and runner, but I mostly consider myself a cyclist.  I race for a team based out of Maryland, and compete from March (first race of my season is the 27th!) through September.

Although I am not a professional cyclist (like my husband) I put a great deal of time and energy into preparing for races.  I spend anywhere between 7 and 20 hours each week (anywhere from 20 to 70 miles per day) riding my bike.  You are probably now thinking that I am crazy.  Spending up to 4.5 hours on a bicycle is not most people’s idea of a great day, but for me it is.  The difficult part of my training is trying to balance EVERYTHING ELSE with the BIKE.

My wonderful husband and I - without the bikes. A rare sight!

I start my official training on the bike in January, splitting time between running and time indoors on the trainer (which is a fancy little gadget you can use to turn your road bike into an indoor bike), and if I’m lucky and it’s not too cold, outside.  I am a huge fan of turning the clocks forward in March, because I can get time outside on my bike after work.

From March until the time changes, I race home after work, change my clothes, hop on my bike, and don’t get home until sometimes 7:30pm.  Then I need to shower, make dinner, make lunch for work the next day, and go to bed.  This is my life, but it’s FUN and REWARDING, believe it or not!  The feeling that comes from doing well in a race, or even just finishing a tough race you never thought you’d get through is indescribable.

My Fuji Team Pro - highly recommended!

There is a Facebook group called, “I can’t, I have a race that day,” which pretty much sums up my April through September.  This is the answer I give my family and friends when they ask me to do something during my race season.  Sometimes it’s incredibly frustrating when you know your entire family is sitting around eating birthday cake while you’re suffering through a race, but it’s SO worth it when you finish that race and know your training paid off.  I try to at least stop by family events, or get together with friends at night on weekends, and I’ve been pretty successful.

My best friend and I make it a point to do lunch or dinner each weekend, depending on my schedule.  My family is pretty understanding about the whole racing thing too – two of my cousins raced, which is how I got into this to begin with.  I also have friends who race and train where I live, which makes everything more fun!  We meet up for rides, watch races together, and spend quality time at the local coffee shop.  I guess misery loves company?  Haha, just kidding!

Action Shot!

I am far from miserable doing the amount of training and racing that I do.  If I didn’t love cycling, there is no way I would devote so much of my life to it.  I really can’t imagine life without my bike!  It’s a relief to switch to running for a few months, just to get a little bit of a break, but I ALWAYS find myself missing my bike.

Cycling has done a lot of things for me.  It’s allowed me to push myself mentally and physically harder than I ever thought possible, travel to new and fun areas, meet tons of new people, and feel really, really good about myself.  Training can be tough, and you’ll always have bad days on the bike, but having that one super fabulous ride makes up for it all.  That is why I ride my bike!

Do you have commitments that sometimes leave you wondering why there aren’t more hours in the day?  How do you juggle social and personal commitments to fit into your schedule?

3 Responses to “Guest Post: Balance and the Bike”

  1. Yes! Of course. But I feel like as long as that thing which leaves you with no free time is something you love to do (for me I often find that is blogging! but not always, sometimes its my “making money” work, which sucks) –then that is the best place for you to be! I mean if you are going to be overwhelmed by something in life and not have time for anything else, wouldn’t you want that to be something you enjoy?

    As far as juggling those things with a social life, sometimes you just have to surround yourself with people that a) share your passions or b) understand your passions. That way they will understand why it is that you are always so busy with the other stuff, or want to join you in it!

    Thanks for guest posting!

  2. eatmovelove says:

    Great post! I used to ride back when I was in school -outside – just to the grocery store haha ! – but I was always “confused” with riding – it was a Hybrid – but it was either really struggling up a hill or just being too easy -spinning legs- on flats…so i couldn’t “get” the whole gist of a “workout”…?

  3. Jessie says:

    Wow, I am so inspired by your commitment! It really is hard to juggle everything in your life and still have time to do what you enjoy. I”m lucky that I have a tremendous amount of support from my husband (although he doesn’t always “get” my interests :P ).

    Great guest post! Good luck in your upcoming races!

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