Favorite Moves: The Surrender!

By Katie, 7:58 am

You know how some strength training moves are just so challenging that you can only get through them by making an audible grunt?

The Surrender is one of those moves. 8-O

I vividly remember the first time I did the Surrender. Fortunately I was in the privacy of my living room, so there was no one to hear all the grunting I did to make it through! :lol:

This move is just awesome. Not to be confused with surrender sit-ups, the Surrender is an exercise I snagged from Jillian Michaels’ No More Trouble Zones DVD. The movement itself isn’t difficult or anything; it just works your entire body. Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1: Holding a pair of light dumbbells (3-5 pounds), raise your arms straight above your head, keeping your elbows loose but straight. You will hold your arms in this position throughout the entire exercise (hence the BURN!!! :-D ).

Step 2: Take a big step back with your right leg. Slowly and carefully lower into a kneeling position.

Step 3: Lower your other leg as well, so both knees are on the floor (as if you are surrendering).

Step 4: Bring your right knee forward, and with your foot on the ground push yourself back up to a standing position.

Repeat 8-10 times, rest, and then complete a second set beginning on the left leg. (Grunting will commence around Surrender Number 6. ;-) )

Your shoulders will feel the burn from holding up the weights, and your quads and your hamstrings will be working as you lower yourself to the ground and then stand back up.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a video of Jillian performing the move. So I went ahead and made one myself…don’t laugh!

The Surrender Video Demonstration…Featuring Your Humble Blogger

Did you like that little guest appearance by Domino? :-)

What exercise move do you find yourself GRUNTING to get through? (Don’t be embarrassed; we all do it! :-D )

2 Responses to “Favorite Moves: The Surrender!”

  1. Kelly says:

    Ahh!! I LOVE the surrender. I joke with DH that I’m going to make our children do that when they’re bad (instead of grounding/spanking/whatever) LOL
    The surrender definately makes my scream….honestly, so do burpees (after awhile) and flat-bench chest presses with a barbell. They just make me roar! LOL

  2. Nicole, RD says:

    PLANKS! Hate’em but love the BURN!! :)

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